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Six Path's Stone Tablets
Why would the Sage of the Six Paths create a stone tablet that can only be read by the Sharingan and Rennigan? Why would he create the the tablets even though he supposedly had a son (that he favored) with no ocular powers whatsoever? Wouldn't this put the son at a disadvantage? ANd why would it be created so that it can be read only by the Sharingan and Rinnigan? Supposedly, the Sharingan didn't exist during the Sage's time. It could be a byproduct of the Sharingan's ability that allows a user to read the tablets but, if so wouldn't other ocular jutsu be able to read it to some degree? They are all descendants of the Rinnegan after all. Or, did someone other the the Sag write the tablets (his son and their descendants)? It just stands to reason if the Sage made the tablets only for ocular jutsu he would have made something similar for his son without the ocular powers (that can only be utilized by non ocular users).


by edawg
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Thanks to everyone for making this post enjoyable. I wanted to know your thoughts on the Stone Tablets, why they (supposedly) can only be read by Sharingan(different levels) and the Rinnegan. And if the Sage did write it why leave it so his favored Son cannot read it. I have seen a lot of different theories to my questions and I appreciate everyone of them. Some of them made sense to me and some didnt but are no less enjoyable. They all bring up different lines of thinking and many questions to some issues.

P.S. Just for clarification I am not saying that all Ninja descend from the Sage but I was theorizing that the Rinnegan and the Sharingan were descended from him.


Posted by edawg 3 years ago

@JuniorUchiha : Amaterasu really has a property which never dies until the target dies.But didn't you wonder why Madara only specified Sharingan who can summon Susanoo is rare and didn't even mention about the Amaterasu? Seems to me that Amaterasu was really designed/created to have the right eye to have the power to extinguish as shown by Itachi himself before transplanting it to Sasuke.Its like a lock is made with a key. Sasuke was just surprised to known that he was also capable of extinguishing Amaterasu with his Mangekyou.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

It may be because most parents love their kids and he knows his successor is and his descendants are going to be very powerful and he doesnt want just his successors side ruling he wants them to live in harmony so he gives the other a tablet with the secrets of the other descendants ocular power so they are on par with the other descendants cause without many would not be able know how to use the sharingan, ms, or rinnegan for that matter its showing equal love for both sons theoretically

Posted by Lucid48 3 years ago

But Itachi can summon the Susanoo, why couldn't he just use Itachi instead of Saskue? He could of ezily went into itachis mind and make him evil. Itachi is way stronger with mangenkyo then saskue iz, why not choose him. See what im getting at:Why is saskue so "special" even though itachi is better?

Posted by JuniorUchiha 3 years ago

@JuniorUchiha : Itachi mentioned to Naruto that Sasuke is still "pure" and can be easily tainted. Madara said Itachi is such an eyesore to him. it simply means that Madara can't manipulate Itachi as he wants while Sasuke can be easily be brainwashed.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

Im pretty postive sempet that Madaras Eternal Mangnkyo can ezily get into itachis mind

Posted by JuniorUchiha 3 years ago

Madara's Eternal Mangekyou's power/jutsu's and limits aren't clear/revealed yet. Madara is not using his Mangekyou/ Eternal Mangekyou to manipulate people. He is simply using persuasive statements as shown when he manipulates Sasuke and Nagato. And AFAIK, it is Uchiha Shisui who is capable of using his Sharingan to "mind control". Even Madara was interested in getting Shisui's eye from Danzo but it was crushed by the reverse sealing jutsu by Danzo. In that instance, i can say that Madara is not capable of "mind control" using his Sharingan coz if he does he won't be interested with Shisui's eyes powers.
Itachi has a strong will and attachment with Konoha that's why he wasn't fully manipulated by Madara. He even foreseen the plan of Madara manipulating his brother Sasuke to turn against Konoha that's why he took a step to counter it by talking and giving Naruto a jutsu to use when the time comes that Sasuke threatens Konoha.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

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