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Six Path's Stone Tablets
Why would the Sage of the Six Paths create a stone tablet that can only be read by the Sharingan and Rennigan? Why would he create the the tablets even though he supposedly had a son (that he favored) with no ocular powers whatsoever? Wouldn't this put the son at a disadvantage? ANd why would it be created so that it can be read only by the Sharingan and Rinnigan? Supposedly, the Sharingan didn't exist during the Sage's time. It could be a byproduct of the Sharingan's ability that allows a user to read the tablets but, if so wouldn't other ocular jutsu be able to read it to some degree? They are all descendants of the Rinnegan after all. Or, did someone other the the Sag write the tablets (his son and their descendants)? It just stands to reason if the Sage made the tablets only for ocular jutsu he would have made something similar for his son without the ocular powers (that can only be utilized by non ocular users).


by edawg
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (38)

dude watch the latest episode 205 to see where the sharingan came from..look closely on the ten tails eye..the Sage made the tablet to learn the jutsu for that can save the world again like what he did on the ten tails but instead of saving the world Madara want it for his personal interest. And by the way the stone tablet is can be read by sharingan, mangekyo sharingan and rinnegan which has been said on the latest episode but it saids there once u gain all three the tablet will become visible, that means madara doesnt care on sasuke at all he just want the susano'o to become complete to get sasuke's eye because he already got nagato's and he got his sharingan..

Posted by shaulmarck 3 years ago

dude shaulmarck madara already has an iternal mangekyou sharingan he doesnt need sasuke's to view the tablet...remember he took his brothers mangekyou but he's just a mere shell of his old self thats something else....his eternal mangekyou sharingan can still use its transportation technique he goes into another dimension through that....and he knew abt the tablet way before he battled the first hokage so he cudve read it right there and then so he has already seen it wid the mangekyou sharingan and the normal one aswell....all he needs to do is see it from the renningan which he will take after he destoys his left eye using izanagi...and he wants sasuke and naruto to fight he wants sasuke to beat naruto if possible so he can take the nine tails and i think yes he wants to take sasuke's eyes cux of susano'o he said it himself he likes to stack up on gud eyes....and the sharingan reading the tablet is possible due to uchiha directly being the descendants of the sage's elder son he had the sage's ocular powers and that means his eyes were as strong as the sage's?....if yes then its possible that the sharingan can read it....and the sage might have not made the tablet on his death bed but earlier cux he chose his successor on his death bed which was the younger son....he must've not thought abt putting his younger son at disadvantage...

Posted by sasuke_theniterider 3 years ago

the story about the younger son not having ocular power can also be a lie.remember that Madara is capable of intertwining truth and lies. as already said in the early episodes of Naruto(before shippuden), ocular powers are Bloodline limits and are passed down to clansmen. it just need some especial training/events that can trigger the activation of the ocular powers such as the determination to activate the 1st type sharingan shown from how Sasuke and Obito have it activated during their desperate fight againsts stronger opponents. another example is Nagato had his Rinnegan activated because he lost his parents before his eyes.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

@shaulmarck: yes I see the eye on the 10 tails but, my take on this is that once the Sage became the host for the beast that is when he was able to pass down the different set of eye patterns. If Madara is correct they are descendants of the Sage and so got their ocular powers from him. And like I wrote the Tablets can be read by the Sharingan (that includes all forms) and the Rinnegan but as your ocular power gets stronger you can read more of the tablet. Meaning a basic Sharingan could only read a little bit of the tablet and you can read more the further it progresses and you can read the whole tablet with the Rinnegan. I think Itachi mentioned it and also Sasuke. And that is what I think Madara is saying as well.

@sasuke_theniterider: Thanks for clearing that up for me and I see your point it is quite possible he made the tablet before he had children and after he became host to the 10 tail.

@sempet: You are right Madara does intertwine truth with lies in order to make his story more believable and I am aware of the bloodline limits so he could be lying about or not know the truth about the younger son. But if he is telling the truth and the Sage created the tablet after the birth of his sons then the son without the ocular power wouldn't be able to read the tablet. Unless of course he devised another way to pass that ability down to his son.

Posted by edawg 3 years ago

@ sempet im referring to the comment you said earlier about the sharingan ...if you observe closely when madara is explaining the sages story about choosing his successor the older son has the sharingan ...he has the swirly one ...if you look up all sharingan on google youll see everybody's sharingan design

Posted by freshfoot 3 years ago

http://www.fandom.com/manga/naruto/view/93/minatos -rasengan-strikes

Pages 6-7 I think. I never knew Kurenai had uchiha blood in her. I thought her red eyes were strange but never thought nothing of it. I know she doesn't have a sharingan but interesting never the least. Can't believe it took me a year later to backtrack and find it.

Since Madara is a shell of his former self that means he is after Sasuke. He will try to take over his body sooner or later. Sasuke is developing well. He mentions it to that plant guy after the Donzo fight. He doesn't seem concerned about Sasuke getting stronger, something Orochimaru regrets, but he better not get to careless. There is no telling what he can do. Can't wait for Naruto and Sasuke to team up the beat him.

Posted by m318 3 years ago

this gets very confsins, but interesting...and if madara has the mangekyou why doesent he even show it, and why was he hiding his left eye in the mask, when he killed konan it showes he has one, why hide it?

Posted by Uchiha.Anthony 3 years ago

@Uchiha.Anthony: You have some good points, I've wondered the same thing. He hasn't used his Mangekyou (with the fight with the 4th Hokage or w/ Konan). It would probably have given him an advantage with the 4th and would been better than sacrificing it with Konan. Maybe that is a result of the fight between him and the 1st Hokage (if he is in fact the original Madara). And so far all of those that hide their ocular powers have a pretty valid reason for doing so. Kakashi can't shut it off. Ao and Danzo because their eyes are stolen. So there must be a reason behind him hiding his eye.

Posted by edawg 3 years ago

@edawg : Madara used his Mangekyou during his fight with Minato(4th Hokage) as illustrated in http://www.mangareader.net/93-55672-5/naruto/chapt er-503.html it was actively controlling the kyuubi. it was just shut down/sealed by Minato to free the kyuubi from Madara's control. And about the left eye he sacrifice to use Izanagi during his fight with Konan was probably not his own left eye but an eye from one of his victims in the Uchiha masaccre.remember that Madara stocks up Uchiha eyes. thus the reason why he hides the left eye before he activated the Izanagi was probably to minimize the confusion on which Uchiha eye/power to use since his two eyes are of two people(Madara and another Uchiha he killed in the past)

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

@freshfoot : you might be referring to Madara's conversation with Naruto in the Land of Iron. In that conversation, he is giving emphasis on his statement that Sharingan originated from the elder son therefore it is natural to illustrate the elder son to have a Sharingan, but again it is not necessarily the actual ocular power. As again done during his explanation about the Sage to the Five Kages, the illustrated Juubi(ten-tails) has Sharingan + Rinnegan which is similar to Madara's new mask. If the elder son's eyes were Sharingan's like you claim, how will you explain the Rinnegan of Uzumaki Nagato?Note: Uzumaki clan is a distant relative of Senju clan which is described as the successor of the younger son. and taking the word of Madara, the descendants of the two sons of the Rikudo Sennin didn't crossed(have a common descendant coz of their hatred/rivalry)

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

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