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Six Path's Stone Tablets
Why would the Sage of the Six Paths create a stone tablet that can only be read by the Sharingan and Rennigan? Why would he create the the tablets even though he supposedly had a son (that he favored) with no ocular powers whatsoever? Wouldn't this put the son at a disadvantage? ANd why would it be created so that it can be read only by the Sharingan and Rinnigan? Supposedly, the Sharingan didn't exist during the Sage's time. It could be a byproduct of the Sharingan's ability that allows a user to read the tablets but, if so wouldn't other ocular jutsu be able to read it to some degree? They are all descendants of the Rinnegan after all. Or, did someone other the the Sag write the tablets (his son and their descendants)? It just stands to reason if the Sage made the tablets only for ocular jutsu he would have made something similar for his son without the ocular powers (that can only be utilized by non ocular users).


by edawg
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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In my interpretation, Senju and Uzumaki clan are both descendants of the younger son of Rikudo Sennin.Remember that family/clan branches out/expands. They are DISTANT blood related and could explain why Uzumaki Nagato awakened the Rinnegan. In the story about the sons of Rikudo Sennin, the younger brother is given the body and will. In the case of Senju, Hashirama has a unique DNA which many are interested while the Uzumaki clan are renowned for their LONG LIFE. DNA and long life as i know are both associated with BODY.
From the beginning, the Uzumaki clan and Senju clan are allies. And to make their bond stronger, the union of Senju Hashirama and Uzumaki Mito was made. At present time, marriage of distant blood relative is accepted in many countries which varies depending on culture and religion.

@JuniorUchiha : I don't recall anyone saying that the Eternal Mangekyou doesn't make the user tired.It does strengthen and relief the user from blindness. And about Sasuke being special, I remember Madara saying having Mangekyou Sharingan user summon Susanoo is rare. therefore, it is not his power extinguish the Amaterasu that made him special but his power to summon Susanoo.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

@sempet: DNA is genetics, unique DNA could give someone a bloodline limit, which could have nothing to do with a strong body,just as easily as it could give a strong body.

As for whether who is a descendant, I don't recall ever seeing anywhere that all ninja tribes were descendants of the sage of the six paths, the impression I got was that he is more like the father of ninjas in the sense that someone could father a martial art.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

@Almightywood: there is really a father of an institution such as martials arts, science, etc. But in this matter/discussion the "father" is pertaining to BLOOD/BIOLOGICAL father/origin. And we are not saying that the Sage of the Six Path is the father of all ninjas but he surely is an Ancestor of CERTAIN CLANS(not all). try to trace your family origin and search for your distant relatives. you will be surprised that a neighbor of yours might be a very very distant relative of yours without both of you knowing that fact.

DNA is like the blueprint of the human BODY. In case of ninjas in Naruto, bloodline limit as we know it is shared by clan because of DNA/genes. Example:Uchiha clan aside from having the Sharingan also has acquired stronger body than other ninja which is stated by Itachi when he fought Kakashi(the reason why Kakashi also need an Uchiha body to sustain the Sharingan).

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

I was thinking thats once Naruto actually gets to the battle field he might be at a disadvantaged, because madara still has sasake at his side plus kabuto but maybe killer bee will still be some help too though....but in all i think the good guys are gonna lose badly and somehow Naruto will turn into a full verson of the sage of the six paths and save the world

Posted by and08naruto 3 years ago

I can vaguely recall at least one person with kekkai genkai in naruto that had a weak body. It is also said that of his two sons one got the strong body, the other got the ocular powers. I believe Madara meant that the Uchiha body had evolved to withstand the strain of the Sharingan which would mean that it wouldn't be as weakened by the use of the sharingan, not that it was strong because of it. Sharingan is displayed as though it was descended from the ocular son - ie not the strong body. This is also evidenced by Sasuke, he is really talented, uses all sorts of techniques to not get hit, but when he does actually take some big hits, he goes down quick. So I reaffirm my statement that unique dna doesn't necessarily mean a strong body. (the dna part was actually the only part of my statment directly addressed to you sempet, the rest was more addressed to the blog in general since the impression I got from some posters was that they do believe that all ninjas were descended from the sage of the six paths - ie arguing about which descendant they were descended from)

The storyline made it obvious that there are several very powerful clans that are descended from the sage of the six paths. I wasn't even attempting to deny this. The crux of my statement was that I don't recall seeing anywhere that ALL ninja tribes were descended from him, just that he had 2 sons, and that he was the father of modern ninja. When combined it's easy to interpret them that way, but that doesn't mean it's correct.

There had to have been other ninja around even in the time of the sage of the six paths, just not as talented as him. Madara stated that what made the sage so powerful was becoming the 10 tails jinchuriki. It's entirely possible that the uzumaki clan is not descended from the sage of the six paths at all. If the rinnegan was a birthright of nagato's it could be something related to his unique dna instead of his clan's, something along the lines of a genetic mutation (all special eyes had to have been a genetic mutation before they were inherited, whether they were something bred for or not) and if it happened once it could happen again. Even if it was a birthright by heritage and not genetic mutation it could easily have been that it was inherited from a non uzumaki clan member since I doubt that no one in Nagato's backline ever married outside the clan.

If all cogs are gears, and all sprockets are gears, are all cogs sprockets?

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

@Almightywood: you have point on the Rinnegan can be from genetic mutation from the [B]theories[B] stated;same as the theory about the Sharingan mutated from Byakugan(from Kakashi statement).But it also kinda contradict the concept of [B]Bloodline Limit[B] and IMO, there is higher probability of inheritance in the matter of the Rinnegan. you might also know about the fact about dominant and recessive genes. A recessive trait from 1st gen can become dormant on a/some specific later gen. Your great great grandfather has blue eyes while almost all of your relatives(including you and your spouse) have brown eyes then you gave birth to a blue eyes child. will you doubt that it is your child coz of his/her blue eyes?
And I don't disregard the idea that the Rinnegan can be from other clan aside from the Uzumaki coz it takes a man and a woman to have human offspring/s.

**A mango tree cannot bear grapefruit.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

Oh, I've notice that the symbol is everywhere, so you might be right about Senjul and Uzumaki being connected. But, and I know this is a crazy theory, but haven't you noticed that naruto's mom and Nagato look alot alike. Its possible they can be, not only in the same clan, but in the same family. I recall hearing soemthing about how the Uzumaki villages were burned, maybe thats how Nagato ended up in the streets. Naruto mom was in leaf, cuz she contained the ninetailed. But, Sempet this is were you got it wrong. I recalled hearing, either Madara, or itachi, saying "Amaratseua desnt stop burning until the victim is dead" So i think saskue is kinda "special" because he stoped the almighty black flamees. Madara doesnt need saskue, madara coulda ezily killed saskue, took his eyes, and bring it to Itachi(Before the big ifght with itachi and saskue)
Senjul clan is the founder of the Leaf, and the Uzumaki clan was around for ages, because of their long lives.

Posted by JuniorUchiha 3 years ago

ur right, it doesnt make sense. U have one son that u favor (with no ocular jutsu) and u create tablets so ur less favored son and all his desecendents can see. The Rinnegan only resides in one particular person at a time as far i can tell. loose plot thread? me thinks so

Posted by warsnite 3 years ago

It doesn't seam right to me either. it does say though that sharigan came from rinnegan. So maybe he didn't mean for either of his Sons to read it, maybe he had some type of vision that his reincarnation would need to read it, idk.
Anyways,it just seams to me that kabuto was all about leaf killing akatsuki and now he is on their side to get Sasuke. Is it weird that every adult male that's a bad guy have some intrest in Sasuke? So I think he is going to betray them, he already lead leaf to their door, but wasn't sure if it was just to get a hold of that chick with curse mark. Either or I hope he betrays Madarra at a crucial point in the war

Posted by clairemarie25 3 years ago

as for me, i think the ability to read the writings was just a by product of the fact that ocular oriented ninjas were distant relatives of the sage's son. maybe the writings were not really encrypted or designed for his son with ocular powers, the tablet was written using the known letters or symbols at that time,and of course pretty much using the eyes of the sage, which makes sense for the descendants of the sage to be able to read the tablet , technically the sage is the sum his two sons, so given that uchiha eyes or rinnegan or any other ocular powers that may arise would at some rate be able to read some parts of the tablet. i think the tablet if true, has lots of pages and even madara is not able to decode. which makes sense also why he is collecting uchiha eyes. he is randomly testing every eyes of which can read the tablet bit by bit word for word, ......

Posted by uzumakimadara 3 years ago