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Sasuke and The Truth
Do You Ever Think that some how sauske will find out the truth about madara and what he did cause he basically caused everything that happen. from the nine tails which could would not have happened the uchiha clan would not have tried to take over the leaf. itachi would not have killed every body and sasuke would be in the leaf. the fourth wouldn't have died everything would be a lot different. but cause of one event madara basically changed a lot of lives and caused a lot of trouble

by BlackNaruto23
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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with the character of Sasuke on the line, he probably won't easily switch back to Naruto's side. As shown many times, Sasuke tends to ignore most of other people's opinions and feeling when he is concentrated on certain task such as vengeance. moreover, there is a catch behind why Itachi didn't want Sasuke see the face behind the mask of Madara(Itachi transplanted the Amaterasu to auto-activate whenever Madara tries to reveal his face to Sasuke).

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

Sauske will lerarn the truth!! But at a cost of his life or his eyes!! Madara is studying sauske and knows sauske will try to kill Madara at any oppurtunity!! Sauske walks alone and may join the leaf but only for the sake of the truth and then sakura not naruto!! But naruto will have alot to do with it!! I believe after the epic battle ends!! Sauske will not join until after Naruto Shippuden ends!! Then A new Naruto show is born!! Why? Because Naruto still has to grow up and be an adult!! Lady Tsunade is still Hokage unless she dies in the Great Fourth War! Then maybe in the Shippuden ending episode Naruto is granted Hokage at a young age! Or she resign and pass the hokage title too Naruto at the age of 16!!

Posted by CASS7 3 years ago

Well, if u look back at the manga where he discusses with Sasuke about how the leaf acame about and everything else (forget what manga chapter, he basically tell Sasuke he helped Itachi kill his clan. So Sasuke already knows the "truth" or at least part of it. So than u have to ask, why did he not try to take vengeance on Madara? Its because he know that he cant beat him. So he's willing to assist Madara so he can learn his weaknesses and eventually kill him. very smart.

Posted by warsnite 3 years ago

IMO, the reason why Sasuke didn't took revenge on Madara is coz in Madara's story, Itachi and Madara just took an order from the Konoha's officials which make Itachi and Madara acquitted of being mere murderer of their clan. the blame is redirected at the officials(including the whole Konoha based on Madara's view) who gave the order to annihilate the Uchiha clan.
As for weakness of Madara, there seems no weakness aside from the time duration and speed of his jutsu which was shown with his battle against MInato and Konan. And seems that Madara don't see Sasuke as a threat and even gave him "Itachi's eyes" which will become Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyou. It would be great if Sasuke will find other weakness of Madara that can be use to fight him.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

your right about one thing!!! sauske is waiting for an oppurtunity to become stronger and beat madara!!! i think he doesn't believe all what Madara said about Itachi and him being ordered to Murder there own clan!!! why?? Madara never helped Itachi!!! Sauske didn't even know who he was until they met!!! as far as the jutsu from Itachi, it might be for that genjutsu Madara is trying to cast!!! i'm probaly all wrong but hey it's
just an opinion!!!

Posted by CASS7 3 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago