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Is Naruto a Senju
It said that the uzumaki is a distant relative to the senju clan and that they were real close friends and all three jinchuuriki came from the land of whirl pool. and the first hokage married her. nobody knows minato's heritage but i think that naruto is closely related to the first hokage

by BlackNaruto23
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (13)

The Uzumaki and the Senju are distant relatives as said in the manga this is a silly question to ask because it definitely means he is and the proof is in the manga your wasting breath coming up with theories of something that has already been proven

Posted by Lucid48 3 years ago

Also the reason why that the fifth hokage allows him to call her "granma tsunade"

No one else calls her by "granma tsunade"

mito uzumaki ... is the wife of senju hashirama (1st hokage)
there grandaughter is tsunade most likely the whole uzumaki and senju clan agreed for something like this to form a special friendship and family bond between the 2 clans....

kushina uzumaki is naruto's mother ... she was close to mito-sama as kushina herself mentioned that she was brought near her(mito) to seal the ninetails inside kushina... as in family they are close

so overall naruto is obviously a senju and and of course an uzumaki

Posted by Kaiya_Uzumaki 3 years ago

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