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Hinata Vs Sakura?
Why, when, and how would trigger Hinata & Sakura to Battle!!! For Naruto or for Sauske?

by CASS7
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (35)

ok, bitches listen!especially CASS7 my point it that the slut sakura dies. because sasuke is all into the dark side and is like "sakura you are a slut." than BAM! lightning hit that bitch in the head, killing her. and sasuke finds out that he is gay and he deosnt want to be gay so he went to the dark side. NAruto loves sasuke that why he wants to save him no matter what! tell me im wrong bitches!

Posted by 1aznchick 3 years ago

your wrong bitch!!! show me the episode and then i'll believe you!!! i'll be crushed as a naruto charcter fan if he is gay!!! Even Naruto's mom wants him to have kids!!! Naruto liked sakura when they we're young!!! A few girls naruto had the hots for!!! We know Naruto likes or love hinata! Let's be honest Naruto has no game when it comes to women!!! He clearly isn't ready since he is focus on saving sauske!!!!

Posted by CASS7 3 years ago

I still think that Sakura is merely infatuated with Sasuke. There was heated competition for him between her and Ino despite neither of them really knowing him. Sasuke is a prize in the eyes of women. The reason Sasuke rejected Sakura was because she wasn't interested in him, she was interested in his image "You're annoying"

These people are all still teenagers so it's quite easy to cling to what "everyone thinks" especially in a caste based society like konoha. Besides that if you spend a great deal of time pursuing a goal that is constantly out of reach you tend to become so fixated on it that you lose sight of reality. How many people did you know in high school (which is the equivalent of what these characters are) that purposefully go against the crowd? Now compare that number to the people that didn't.
Out of the ones that didn't, how many of them do you think convinced themselves that it was the truth though they knew deep down that it wasn't?

Love isn't passionate, it's soft and nurturing. Desire is passionate. Desire is not love. You can have both, but I don't see any evidence of love from Sakura towards Sasuke - no nurture, only passion. Sakura has shown no evidence of desire towards Naruto but once again I think that is just because she hasn't broken free from her high school mentality. Her continued use of Sasuke's name in her confession to Naruto is evidence of what she truly thinks subconsciously and consciously, though her desire still leads her towards Sasuke.

Besides which if she truly loved Sasuke, she could never have attempted to kill him, she would have let him go. Stalkers kill people they are "in love with" and we all know this is truly obsession and infatuation, not love. If someone you truly love hurts you, you kick them out of your life, you don't try to end theirs. If someone you are infatuated with rejects or hurts you, you try to get revenge (if you are blind to reality).

All that being said, desire can grow into love, and love can grow into desire, but the two are very easy to differentiate.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

@AlmightyWood: Love with careful understanding can lead to rightful actions like Sakura tried to kill Sasuke in order to stop him from doing anything bad towards others especially Konoha.
When you love someone it doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD turn a blind eye on him/her for his/her mistakes. Some people do that mistake in real life but there are also some who do things right. And in the situation of Sakura, she understood the current situation along with the resolution to carry the burden alone. You kinda contradict yourself abit, you said Sakura was interested/infatuated in the image on Sasuke but if that is case then she could have just lost her interest on him from the time he switched to the dark side or when she was rejected by Sasuke himself.

With your definition of love, you are more likely to cover the sins of your love ones. You remind me Marlene Aguilar (the mother of Jayson Ivler). She consistently defends her son even though Jayson Ivler was proven guilty of gun shooting 2 people.

I admire those people despite the pain, they still do the right thing. There was this mother who sent her own son to jail for the same crime as committed by Jayson Ivler(murder).A complete opposite of what Marlene Aguilar did.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

Sasuke's image was always dark and uncaring, your stereotypical asshole that women always "fall for". Him switching to the dark side didn't change that at all.

Your example doesn't really explain what I was saying either. If she was the only one who knew of it and chose to hide or shelter him then it would be an adequate comparison of the situation, and I would agree that she did love him. But this isn't the case. There were plenty of others who knew of it, and they were all lining up to take care of it. Doing the right thing in spite of being in love with someone shows character, but not love.

If it were the scenario I described just now, then her only honorable path if she truly loved him and wasn't infatuated with him would be to tell someone about it and let them take care of it.

In this scenario, or the real one, to go and try to KILL him herself? .....definitely not love.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

Really Hinata blows Sakura out of the water. Really isn't worthy of comparing them really. Naruto and Sakura will be together in the end even though I think he should be with Hinata. Watch enough anime and you now how the love triangle is going to end.

Posted by m318 3 years ago

but that's stupid for the writers to have naruto and sakura be together!!! she didn't risk her life for naruto!!! she risked her life for that girl when naruto was trapped in that cube when they were little!! even still naruto triumphed!!! hinata always proved her loyalty sakura didn't acknowledge him till he saved the village!! why it take her that long!!! he saved the village numerous times!! i believe naruto is gonna kill sauske and sakura will turn on him!!! i believe in naruhina!!! if the writer allows naruto and sakura to hook up i hope it is only temporarily and he be with hinata if not curse the writers and i'll forget i even watched or read naruto!!! Believe it!!!

Posted by CASS7 3 years ago

There are so many types of love and more ways on how you express it. Some may say it is love while other don't consider it love at all.

The relationship of Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata will be become more definite in more episodes/chapters to come. All we can do now is speculate, hope and wait.

Sakura thought she could make use of Naruto's feelings to her but she did a BLUNDER.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

sakura will never be with naruto!! naruto doesn't like being second place!! clearly they have chemistry and a quiet history!!! he beat neji he killed pein and sauske would get slaughtered for sure if he tried with hinata!! he might kirk out for team 7 is sauske was to kill sakura!! but we seen it time again how naruto responds when hinata is involved in danger!! remember when hinata was trapped in the crystal!!?? naruto damn near went crazy with out even knowing she loved him!! naruto can sense charkara and feelings from the heart!! it may take a while buit naruto and hinata will talk and hook up probably when the leaf is rebuild!!! fuck all you naruhina haters!!! naruto and hinata for life!! like i said show me proof that it's not true until then fuck you!!!

Posted by CASS7 3 years ago

In all honesty I would say that Naruto desires Sakura in the same way that Sakura desires Sasuke. When they were younger it was just desire, or he wouldn't have tried to be with her by impersonating Sasuke.

His desire has grown into real love though, or he wouldn't have turned Sakura down when she offered herself to him. He didn't want a relationship with her unless it was pure.

All that being said I'm positive he will end up with Sakura in the end, since he's the title character, just like he will fulfill his other desire to be hokage at some point. His MO is I won't bend or break or give way. He wants Sakura, he will have her, though Hinata is a better person, and would be better for him.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago