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Nagato destroying the leaf
Something that's been bothering me for a bit. It was a war between the sannin and hanzou the salamander that ravaged his homeland and destroyed it.
In paying back hanzou his friends died.
He is of the uzumaki clan which has close ties to the leaf.
He was trained to be a ninja by Jaraiya who is a leaf ninja.

So while there were two forces at work in his "pain" the one that he should have felt akin to - the leaf village, is the one he attempted to completely destroy, while the one who did nothing for him, and only stuff against him, he takes that over instead. It just seems kind of backwards to me.

by Almightywood
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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his country of the village of whirlpool or the eddies village ever one was destroyed and the scattered all over the the world so he didn't that the leaf and the village of whirlpool had close relations with the leaf

Posted by BlackNaruto23 3 years ago

Posted by virtualmaniac 3 years ago

IMO, Nagato was born after the Whirlpool country was destroyed and his parents took refuge in the Rain country with their identity kept secret even to Nagato. Almost same as what the mother of Haku(ice element user) did to avoid persecutors. And because of a mistake, his parents were killed by KOnaha ninjas during the 3rd great ninja war which caused Nagato to hold grudge against Konoha. Even Naruto understood that it is almost impossible to remove the urge to take revenge and forgive the killer of your love ones.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

and also i got feeling that he wanted to get defeated by naruto

Posted by catlar 3 years ago

before nagato was twisted, the forehead protector that he saw that killed his parents was konohas. that makes sense for him to crush the leaf village. and i think , the Pain/ Vengence gradually developed in nagato,.. along with his ninja skills that makes him confident and makes him thought he can do something about the war and the ninja world. he was silently become what he is before the fight with naruto.

Posted by uzumakimadara 3 years ago

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