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Who is the Fourth Hokages parents???
I want to believe That Pervy Sage and Lady Tsunade is the Fourths parents!!! I could be wrong!!! what is your opinion???

by CASS7
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (29)

even madara believes naruto is a distant relative of the senju!! so why not place him in the same category as being Tsunades granma!! dan hair is nothing like minato's!! jiraya's nis just super longer!! tsunade could have slept with jiraya one time out of vulnarbility and had minato!!! they spent many adventures together or did it when dan died!! It's not that far fetched!!!

Posted by CASS7 3 years ago

what madara was referring to was more to do with will of fire bull which naruto inherited rather than blood relation but i do think that naruto has some distance sanju relation but i dont think it has anything to with tsunade and jirayaa himself mentioned it that he himself never had children but fourth was like his own child ....

Posted by catlar 3 years ago

what if Orochimaru is Minato's father Tsunade liked him and probably had more chances than Jiraiya the 3rd Hokage wanted him to be his successor what if he chose his son as his replacement. Based on looks he just wants to follow his master like Guy & Lee.

I was thinking that Minato might not be from the leaf but in the convo between the 3rd & Anko he said the 4th was the best ninja Konohakure has ever produce or he could be a refugee or survivor like Kabuto

Posted by xaioque 3 years ago

i was thinking the same thing cause jiray had thing for raising war orphan's and taking them to leaf.......may same thing happened to minato....

Posted by catlar 3 years ago

wow u guy can really come up with anything wat they mean when madara say he got thr first hokage in him means he got the wil of fire in him not blood related.

Posted by ivan.lim 3 years ago

the reason why they could be blood related is because Naruto mother said that her family is a distant related of the 1st hokage, and remember the 1st wife is from the same village as she is. And I think the 4th parents had died or killed before Naruto was born.

Posted by rmntcsweetangel 3 years ago

== Minato is frm Namikaze (as frm his name) and Naruto is a distant family of senju not bcoz Minato is, but bcoz Kushina is... Do u guys rmb tat Uzumaki is a distant family of Senju... N' Kushina is not frm cloud... She is frm Uzushiogakure... so as 1st's wife... Fyi, Nagato (Pein) is also frm Uzumaki according to Madara where he mentioned that the orange hair of Nagato's is a signature of him being Uzumaki...

Posted by zammy141 3 years ago

I'm not trying to be an asshole here but why do you guys even care? It has nothing to do with the storyline at all nor will it effect any of you. If Naruto's grandparents were even the slightest bit important they would've been mentioned. And since the storyline is obviously completely fictional if its not mentioned in the storyline then they simply do not exist not even in a made up world which means its pointless to ask.

Posted by hussian 3 years ago

hmm i just remember something, they never mention about the 2nd family, and since the 1st and 2nd are brothers, that would tie into why the 4th kinda look like the 5th. Hussian you forgetting that pretty much though naruto they didn't mention his parents to begin with, just because they don't say anything about his grandparents doesn't mean its not important, it could just mean they don't know who it is, or how to explain it at this point, if naruto do continue after the war.

Posted by rmntcsweetangel 3 years ago

Quoting CASS7I want to believe That Pervy Sage and Lady Tsunade is the Fourths parents!!! I could be wrong!!! what is your opinion???

Kushina is Tsunade daughter, so not likely, unless Minato knowingly married his sister. Tsunade referred to jiraiya as narutos uncle, maybe because he was really close to Minato, or maybe Minato and jiraiya are brothers, they do have similar hair. I suspect Dan was Kushina's father.

Posted by cardboard_box 3 years ago