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Naruto Vs Raikage
Dont you think its stupid that naruto cant get past the raikage in 9 tails mode but sasuke easily fought him, and now he is going to be even more powerful!! naruto should become the fastest shinobi ever..

by joshsta
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (28)

Sasuke didnt EASILY fight the Raikage, as a matter of fact he says that even with his Sharingan he cant keep up with the Raikages movements. Lets not forget that if not for Kirin, Sasuke would have died at the feet of Bee. Being the strongest doesnt mean youre the fastest either, but just imagine if Naruto learned the teleportation jutsu. That would be epic.

Posted by Chaosnow 3 years ago

Yer but the fact is naruto cant even touch him, and sasuke managed to get him to chop his own hand off!, and also sasuke has got so much stronger when he fought raikage, now he will be even better with his new eyes!! naruto will suprise us.. im thinking go into sage mode whilst in 9 tails mode maybe haha!

Posted by joshsta 3 years ago

i'll just express my disappointment to...the raikage wasn't even activated to his fullest when he fought with Naruto...
Not toi mention that he felt this punch like kalf a ton or something while killer bee's plain,normal-mode lariat threw the raikage off..
Maybe Naruto should have punched him instead of defending the whole time,or make this seconjd pair of hands of his pummel him down while hye guarded..lame...just lame....

Posted by z-existence 3 years ago

Sorry to intrude on your conversation but, I honest think Naruto has a good chance of beating the Raikage. When Naruto first unlocked the nine-tails mode and attack Kisame, they said his speed was close to the fourth hokage. Naruto may not be as fast as the Raikage but I'm pretty sure he has the speed to keep up with the Raikage, and to Joshsta Sasuke didnt make he Raikage cut off his hand Sasuke underestimated the Raikage thinking he wasnt going to attack his with his amateratsu shield. Sasuke had no chance against him then and to tell the truth no one know s how strong the Naruto is in the nine tails mode he hasn't been in a real fight yet.

Posted by HiddenArtist101 3 years ago

well,HiddenArtist i don't diasagree with you,Sasuke would have been done for if he kept on fighting the Raikage,but you have to admit that Naruto himself said"if i take one of those(the punches)clean i'm done for" and that he felt them weight a lot..so it's a bit hard to say that he'd win,we obviously don't know what they both are capable of right now..And the Raikage wasn't fully activated when he reppelled Naruto all these times..

Posted by z-existence 3 years ago

To Chaosnow, I completely agree with what you said at the end of your comment, with Naruto combining his Sage Mode and 9 Tail Mode. If he does that, the Fox wouldn't be stealing Naruto's life away like how the 8-tails said, instead, the Fox more or less should be sapping the Sage Mode Chakra, since it comes from another force. He will become extremely powerful if he does that!

And to HiddenArtist101 and Z-existence, Sasuke's Eternal Magenkyo will increase his powers tenfold, and Naruto's abilities have also increased greatly, but we haven't seen anything that he's capable of doing yet, and we'll find out soon enough, hopefully before Manga 550. I think Naruto is going to be able to do just as much if not more than Sasuke by the time they fight, but of course, that's just my opinion.

Posted by tyler.boxrucker 3 years ago

To Z-Ex you're about Naruto vs Raikage but to the nine ttails healing ability i dont think Naruto would just lose from one atttack and nott jjust that killer be is there with so its kinda Naruto and Killer Bee vs Raikage and as we saw in he latest manga Bee put Raikage in his place.

To Tyler Ok we can say Naruto and Sasuke is about even with power, but due to the fact that Itachi gave Naruto some kind of power to help him I'm picking Naruto as a winner if they fight. Knowing Itachi what ever he gave Naruto it had to be something big.

Posted by HiddenArtist101 3 years ago

i've stated my opinion on Naruto Combining sage mode and kyubi mode ever scince he first aquired it,but he didn't have the time to experiment up to now,so we don't know if it really is possible..
Anyway, i was talking about Naruto Vs raikage 1 on 1 of course not Naruto +Killer Bee Vs raikage..And i don't know what good regeneration will do him if his head gets smashed/chopped off HiddenArtist

And we really have no idea what benefit's aside from intact sight come with the eternal mangekyo,so "telfold" is far too great a strech guys..
As for the power Itachi gave Naruto,it might as well be a short tsukuyomi,where Itachi reveals even more secrets,about his clan this time..

Posted by z-existence 3 years ago

thats what I was saying about Naruto being able to get away with his speed just as the fourth hokage was.

Posted by HiddenArtist101 3 years ago

but he doesn;t have the fourth's speed you know...noone does!even if Naruto could combine Sage and fox right now mode that doesn't mean it would make him faster necesarily,but he can't right now..
maybe i din't get what you've been saying..enlighten me

Posted by z-existence 3 years ago

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