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Sasuke outcome
I keep on wondering whats gonna be the outcome with Sasuke's history, right now it seems that we're getting very close to the Naruto VS Sasuke battle. Wonder whats gonna happen... will sasuke actually realize whats important and turn against madara? Or will be more less the same fate as Orochimaru? It seems to me that it could be both..

Think about it.. If Sasuke keeps the stubbornness and fight his way to destroy konoha.. does that really add anything with value to the story line? I mean it would be Jiraiya and Orochimaru story alike.

In other hand if sasuke would actually realize whats important and decide to join Naruto again, would Konoha actually accept Sasuke back? After all he was already admitted as a criminal by the other villages as well. In my view, for this actually happen, Sasuke would need to have a really important role in stopping Madara so the villages would accept him again.

Of course there is a limitless possible outcomes, but some seem more likely.

And there is an other one i think is very likely.. Sasuke could realize that the one really to blame for the bad name attributed to the Uchiha is Madara and see an opportunity to clean it by destroying him. The difference in this outcome from previous one is that it is likely that Sasuke actually dies in the battle to finish Madara. This way Sasuke would die respected by everyone and would not pass the moment where he would have to apologize the villages (which doesn't fit Sasuke profile at all) by his crimes. This one i think is the more likely outcome actually.. It will add a lot of drama and extra emotion to Sasuke's history and give a reason for Naruto to always remember him as a friend and prevent more outcomes like this.
It would become a beautiful ending mixed with sadness respecting the story line perfectly.

What do you think?

by Arkight
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (26)

it could also be this way:Naruto defeats Madara,Sasuke that has recuperated starts planning his revenge on the leaf,Naruto becomes hokage,Sasuke fights with Naruto,he's left half-dead and then Naruto makes the Ninja system colapse and finds a way to ensure peace,for the cycle of hatred to end and for a new chance at redumption and peace for Sasuke..

something needs to be done about the biju though..

Posted by z-existence 3 years ago

i love your whole idea, then naruto gets married to sakura and their kid is named sasuke XD

Posted by Uchiha.Anthony 3 years ago

no he will marry hinata fool!! i like the sauske fight with madara to earn his respect back with the village with no apologies!! also the fight between sauske and naruto the hokage

Posted by CASS7 3 years ago

The final confrontation with Sasuke is almost inevitable.
I would be surprised if it did not end this series, since the rift between the two was the beginning of it.

I don't think that the final battle with Sasuke will come during the great ninja war, I believe it will occupy it's own little story arc. It pretty much deserves it.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

sauske vs naruto. i don't think sauske will be killed by anyone, i don't think he's gonna kill madra.

i think that naruto and sauske will fight it out but unlike everyone eles here, i think that by the time naruto fights sauske, sauske won't really be a match for naruto.
and i do have my reasons/method by whitch naruto is able to acomplish this. it is also the reason naruto WILL become hokage and will due away with the negitave aspects of the ninja way.

Posted by nothingssomething 3 years ago

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