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Fastest in all the Land
After seeing Chapter 244 it just leaves you wanting more and its safe to say that it's a good thing Gaara didn't die. Naruto avoided 'A' quite easily and now I'm a little confused as to who is the fastest ninja.

Minato, Madara & Sasuke uses time & space ninjutsu, Naruto, RiaKage & Danzo use some sort of Chakra related technique to gain speed and Guy, Lee & Shinnō use the Eight Inner Gates. Which technique is truely the fastest.

by xaioque
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Sasuke - "I don't do stupid stuffs like racing I'm an avenger"

Posted by xaioque 3 years ago

I must have a slightly different understanding than you. The yellow flash isn't a ninjutsu speed technique, it is simply what minato and naruto look like when going at full speed. The space time jutsu that minato uses is something else entirely that Naruto does not possess.

Minato has to move between kunais but he doesn't have to throw them both down. Only has to throw the one ahead basically and keep the other on him.

Something along the lines of
Madara w space time ninjutsu is slightly faster than minato plain who is faster than the raikage who is slower than naruto. Minato with space time is faster than everyone (if he can trick ya). He spent quite a bit of time using space time ninjutsu to jump back and forth over prearranged points in the manga so obviously having to set up a kunai beforehand is no hindrance to his speed. Madara is slightly more versatile in that he simply has to know the place apparently, or can maybe follow others rips too.

Over long distances Madara and Minato are virtually identical, and everyone else pales in comparison. Over short distances the only real question is where Naruto fits in the mix. If he is faster than Madara he is the fastest (not counting Minato's kunai trick, no way to do that comparison in short range). If he isn't then he's either 2nd or 3rd compared to his dad.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

i still think lee is going to surprise alo of ppl.. everyone is surpassing their masters so its only natural that lee shows that he is on another level..

Posted by nmbvulcha 3 years ago

I completely agree with 'clan_Skeletor'

The creator seams to be stressing on the point of students surpassing previous generations (known as the will of fire) so who knows Naruto could have done this to his father after all he did create a biger-better Rasengan that just keeps improving (using a finger to make a supped up version of the rasengan)

Food for thought: wouldn't it be cool if Minato's Time-Space Jutsu enable him to go to destinations in time eg; trowing a kunai on the ground and reaching there 16yrs in the future that would have made for a better movie plot

Posted by xaioque 3 years ago

you seid shino opens the 8th inner gates too? Hope that you just cot confused , because he is not fast and he canot open them. And and danzo didnt do enithing to gain speed.

Posted by nicolas-g-g 3 years ago

if youger generations will be better than the older ones, then naruto may eventually be the fastest, he's already bested the fourth in terms of using the rasengan....

Posted by tunero16 3 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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