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Naruto Top 5
Strongest Top 5 Ninja(Currently Alive)

1. Madara
Stood at the top of the ninja world with his rival Hashirama, the first Hokage. And was remarked, by Oonoki, as being so powerful in his prime that none of the current nations would be able to stop any of his plans. Despite being only a shell of his former self he was still capable of many great feats, including; Helping Itachi slaughter the Uchiha clan in a single night; Easily penetrating all of Konoha’s defenses and killing ANBU hand-picked by Hiruzen(Third Hokage), summoning the Kyubi, and fighting toe-to-toe with Minato, the greatest ninja Konoha ever produced; Controlling the Fourth Mizukage from the shadows. Madara was also the secret mastermind behind Akatsuki, a powerful mercenary organization that has captured seven of the nine bijuu from all the major villages in the Naruto world.

2. Kabuto
Once a loyal lapdog to Orochimaru, his master’s death has led to an evolution for this genius ninja who was touted as being on the same level as Kakashi during the Chunin exams. Now he is in the employ of Madara after splicing his DNA with that of the deceased Orochimaru, and acquiring some if not all of his old masters abilities and taking them even further. This includes the vaunted Edo Tensei that was used against the Third Hokage, who only Orochimaru and the Second Hokage had ever been able to use, and now affords Kabuto the combined might of Akatsuki’s deceased members. Using this power, he’s even gained leverage on Madara in the form of some unknown risen soul.

3. Sasuke
Orochimaru was called a once in a few decades genius by the strongest Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, yet upon seeing Sasuke he said; “To think that I was once called a genius seems pathetic.” A member of the once strongest clan in Konoha, Sasuke has quickly risen amongst the upper echelon of the modern ninja world, defeating or killing such powerful ninja as; Deidara, Itachi, Orochimaru, and even the older brother of Killer Bee- the Fourth Raikage. He is currently assisting Madara in his quest for revenge against Konoha, and his power has increased even more as he gained access to the much coveted Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

4. Naruto
Son of the greatest ninja Konoha ever produced, and one of the last of the Uzumaki clan who had incredible chakra and stout bodies that afforded them long lives. Naruto grew up as an underdog, but training under the genius Copy Ninja Kakashi, and the great Toad Sage Jiraiya, he has grown into a powerful ninja. He single handedly stopped the invasion of Konoha by Nagato, who carried the mythical Rinnegan, and then gained absolute control over the Kyubi that has been sealed away in his body. An impressive feat when only four other people have ever been known to control the bijuu.

5. Killer Bee
One of the few people in the entire world to completely control a Bijuu, Madara called him the perfect host for a good reason. Killer Bee is capable of transforming at will, even to the point of fully manifesting his bijuu while still maintaining absolute control and consciousness. He’s faced off against Sasuke and his team “Hawk,” and walked away without a scratch on him despite Sasuke having gained access to the powerful Mangekyou Sharingan and the support of his team. Even Kisame who was one of the “Seven Mist Swordsman” and carried the chakra consuming Samehada had difficulty fighting Killer Bee. Now that Kisame has died, Killer Bee has become an even more formidable opponent by gaining Samehada to compliment his skilled swordsmanship that was superior to Suigetsu, and Sasuke.

by Fandoman
Written: 4 years ago
Property: Naruto

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