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alright hmmmm.....well i appreaciate that people been viewing my fan fics also i was gonna post my naru saku chats on this blog so anyone feel free to comment on it an tell me if its good or too cheezy cuz i really like to make this kind of stuff an uhh yeah just comment on this chat its kinda 20 chats long so it goes by scenes and idk just read an comment thankies!!!

naru saku chat 1 : coming home

jiraiya: -walks with naruto-
naruto: -sighs and keeps walking- damn sensei how long is the leaf????
jiraiya: pipe down we're almost there kid -he smiled an kept walking as they passed over a hill- you know sakura chan might not even recognize you also i sent a message to lady hokage informing her of our return.
naruto: really? well sakura chan always liked sasuke and im not sure if she likes me that way...-he sighed an saw a village full of green trees an the hokages faces- whoo!!!! im home!!!!
jiraiya: ill be right behind you kiddo -he walked-
naruto:-smiles as he ran toward the village an saw a pink headed figure standing by the village gates an stopped as his heart throbbed-
girl:-smiles as she waves- naruto!! welcome back!! its me sakura!
naruto:-walks over slowly- wow sakura you look great
sakura: oh heh uh well ive been really busy training under ms tsunade
naruto:-smiled an looked at her-
sakura: wow naruto you grew a few inches since we last saw each other
naruto: have i grew that much? - he measured his height to hers an laughed- oh yeah!
(jiraiya walks up)
jiraiya: sakura chan your looking old enough already
sakura: beat it old man

sorry cliff!!! lol

by animesource15
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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wow seems cool!!!!!!!

Posted by animesource15 3 years ago

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