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Playing Favorites
Ok, so in this thread just say who is your favorite character and/or team and why you like them. Also how that/those character{s} can/have dominate or bring about change in the Narutoverse.
{additionally what you most like/dislike about said character}

For me i have 3, Naruto and Gaara's storyline has the most impact and their dreams maybe great but achievable
{I like how they both show that people can change}

although hands down my fav is Itachi he doesn't make unnecessary moves which are well thought out and he maintains his composure even when against odds or stronger opponents. He's infamous with Kage lvl stats and the sole purpose of the antagonist.
{what i most dislike has been fixed by Kishi in season 2 secret mission}

Team Hiruzen (Orochimaru - Tsunade - Jiariya)
Strongest tag-team, best disciples, had best Master
Strongest villains or taught them
{most dislike unaccomplished dreams }

by xaioque
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Shikamaru is my fav character.
Shikamaru Ino Chouchi(hope i spelled that correctly) is my fav team. Shikamaru is this unorthodox character ,that could not be bothered with any responsibilities. He is a "floater" with this huge potential ,but he deliberately chooses a path that is not so bothersome. Shikamaru changes when he sees Narutas ,devotion to his friends and he inherits the will of fire. Basically he is someone who wants to protect all his friends. He knows he is not the strongest but he understands that he can help them through using his ninja/intellect abilities.
Do not dislike anything.

Posted by Zoomaster 3 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago