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Shisui Eyes, used by a crow?
How did the crow manage to do that, not to mention Danzo and Kakashi

by uzumakimadara
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (10)

i think bcause i was been modified by itachi ^^

Posted by yuabin 3 years ago

Think of it as a Trap or an automatic light that turns on whenever you enter a room.
Nice point thought one needs great stamina+chakra in-order to effectively use the sharingan which doesn't explain how the crow can.

on a side note "Crows are an omen of change that live in the void with no sense of time, therefore being able to see past, present and future simultaneously. They also unite both the light and the dark, both the inner and the outer.

Posted by xaioque 3 years ago

basically, its like itachi said... itachi gave naruto some of HIS power, its itachi, and he did indeed set it up as a trap, and since he made a crow with shisuis eye, he prob put enough chakra in it to activate too
and about danzo, remember danzo said at the kage convention it would be some time for him before he could use it again... itachi said it too
shisuis eye jutsu takes a decate to charge up (10 years!)... and note about kakashi in the first post, kakashi never used shisuis eye, he used the sharingan of his childhood friend obito, and thats also why kakashi cant use it effectively because hes not a uchiha, and does not posses as much chakra to use it so well

Posted by wanderer23 3 years ago

wanderer23: Remember the between the summit and and the fight with sasuke is very short not event reached a day, what i mean is, as i can remember Danzo planned to use shisui eye on madara.

anyway, what im up to here is just some explanation on the crow, chakra or sealing jutsu or anything would be fine bcoz the whole uchiha eye usage is surrounded by the fact that it is compatible with uchiha body.

danzo = ninja + human body . need some requirements to achieve full usage
kakashi = ninja + human body . incompatible limited usage

crow = animal body and yet manages to use sharingan !!!!!!!!!!!! WTF to that.

Posted by uzumakimadara 3 years ago

IMO, the crow that Itachi used is no ordinary crow. It could be a nin-animal like the nin-toads, nin-dogs,etc. Nin-animals can also use chakra as shown many times. Remember that it was transferred and released from Naruto through MOUTH! which is pretty much similar with how Gamatora,the toad who hold the key to the kyuubi seal, stored himself inside Naruto on Chapter 489.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

Itachi loved to turn himself into crows, the crow with shisui's eye was probably not even a ninja animal imo, just a segment of Itachi himself.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

Quoting AlmightywoodItachi loved to turn himself into crows, the crow with shisui's eye was probably not even a ninja animal imo, just a segment of Itachi himself.

Eactly what I thought, the crow IS Itachi's power hence a part of his chakra/ himself. But what I think is that what danzo was using at the summit was a weaker version of shisui's koto amatsuki because remember he didnt have to reveal the eye it was still behind the wraping. The real koto amatsuki is permenant opposed to its weaker version which would be temporary which is why it has a weaker cooldown so to say than its stronger counterpart. Its just a theory lol

Posted by itachi677 3 years ago

be thankful tht something can at least use the sharingan correctly/better

Posted by Kaiya_Uzumaki 3 years ago

I dunno...Kakashi seemed pretty darn effective with the Sharingan. Granted, he didn't have the stamina to sustain it very long(especially the Mangekyo) but still.

Posted by FadedDreams 3 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago