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edo tensei: Resurrection of Uchiha madara!!!
Seriously, who is behind that mask? The suspense is killing me. We now know the mysterious coffin summoned by Kabuto is Uchiha Madara. This mask guy who is skilled as Madara who is he? Any suggestions

by kent0005
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (34)

its got to be obito

Posted by sugarpants 3 years ago

for christ's sake it cant be obito he died and besides it had to be someone far older cause the fake madara attacked the fourth hokage so it cant be obito. but im dying to know who is that bastard?

Posted by mvd49 3 years ago

i think 1.it must be madara's younger brother . but in previous chapters when madara was talkin to sasuke we saw madaras brother in cofin. we must pay atention to madaras words in this chapter ,,it would appear that little brat nagato managed to grow" 2. someone from uzumaki clan. we know absolutly nothing about members who survived. + tobi says tu konan : "i gave that eyes to nagato" .

Posted by Genio 3 years ago

Even when Tobi first came into the picture, I knew it was not Madara. My money is on Sasuke's father. If Itachi knew it was his father or someone else is still a mystery to me.

Posted by RankenAngel 3 years ago


Posted by akatsasuke 3 years ago

OK no1 knows. Itachi said he searched him out to kill the clan. So it cant be orbito to young and mandra is now on the battle field, so it must be older than itachi but i have no clue who????

Posted by tdark1582 3 years ago

Whoever this mask guy is? He can use Izanagi and advanced Teleporting techniques. He knows alot about jutsus and the sage of the six path. The masked guy is shown to control the nine-tails fox. Madara is capable of doing these things. I think it still is Madara because we haven't seen his true powers and what his eternal Mangekyou Sharingan can do. I think his powers and the first Hokage's DNA helped him transfer his soul or part of him in another body. So Kabuto found his real body and was able to resurrect him.

Posted by niro250 3 years ago

You could be right. If you read manga chapter 520. Kabuto explains that to resurrect someone through Edo tensei, you need their DNA or physical body. Also their soul has to be in the other world. That i didn't quite get.

So Kabuto found Madara's DNA or his body and that was enough to resurrect him. That makes sense, but doesn't Madara have to be dead to be resurrected? Like he has to go through the other world to be resurrected. I don't know. It looks like i will find out soon.

Posted by kent0005 3 years ago

My wild guess would be Shisui
shisui is itachi's best friend....he's like a brother to itachi but did not indicate what is the age of Shisui which would mean he is older than Itachi.
shisui has a special ability to control minds of others ...which is the masterplan of Tobi (to control the minds of all)
I guess thats why Tobi wants the eye (Shisui's eye) back ... so he could control the others..
The last time Itachi saw Shisui, he gave his eye and killed himself but the suicide was only known by the other Uchiha that was investigating Itachi. The death of Shisui may just be a stageplay for all his plan.
Just a wild guess

Posted by arthosvalhalla 3 years ago

It might be Fugaku( Itachis'dad) but I agreee that it might be stil Madara or Part of his soul and his plan was always to take over his body but for that he needed someone that could use the edo tensei(kabuto)thats why he asked him to explain him the technique, Hes gonna take over his old body like Itachi did, and about Naruto Hes gonna end up fighting Madara(Tobi) cause the old frog said that he would be fighting some 'young' guy wt powerful eyes(Sasuke), but remember the 'paradise island'(creepy) XD instead hes gonna be fighting a super 'old' guy.(Madara)or Nagato XD idk!! I just love Naruto! XDpz!

Posted by mary6668 3 years ago

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