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edo tensei: Resurrection of Uchiha madara!!!
Seriously, who is behind that mask? The suspense is killing me. We now know the mysterious coffin summoned by Kabuto is Uchiha Madara. This mask guy who is skilled as Madara who is he? Any suggestions

by kent0005
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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I don't buy the split soul Madara, unless he has some kind of power like Mu, if his part of his soul was taken from him it would probably be sealed forever (Dead Demon seal etc..). Also the fake Madara would not have probably been delighted to see his soul resurrected (but he seemed more shocked).

Itachi went through great lengths to ensure Sasuke stayed away from "Fadra" (fake Madra). He installed that trap into Sasuke's Eye that it would react to Fadra's Sharingan (supposedly), but he hasn't tried to reveal his face to Sasuke since. So it could be that Itachi didn't want him to know who was behind the mask at all (I believe this was discussed in another blog sometime earlier). The person behind the mask may be someone familiar to him (like his father).

Assuming the Sage is truly dead and the person behind the mask is not Sasuke's dad (and apparently not a female), my additional guesses are Madara's brother or The Sage's first son (because I am at a loss as to who else would have access to so many Rinnegan). I don't think it could be anyone not previously introduced in some fashion, or else why go through all the trouble of hiding their identity.

I think we can eliminate Obito (as previously stated he was quite young when Fadra attacked the 4th). By that thought we should also be able to eliminate Shisui (however, the way the 4th Mizukage was manipulated {clue?} needed a powerful Genjutsu considering he had a tailed beast under his control and should have been able to break out otherwise (Bee)). The only other Uchiha I can think of is the teammate of the 3rd (but too little is known of him for me to make an assumption).

There also is the thought that someone different always takes up the mask at different points in the past, so this could be many different Uchiha or no Uchiha at all. And if that's the case all bets are off and the field is wide open.

Posted by edawg 3 years ago

Sorry i said earlier that the age of Shisui is not determined so would mean that he *MAY be older than Itachi because Itachi hangs around people older than him other than Sasuke because he is an accelerated kid.
Also, Kabuto wants the powers of Shisui, if he wants it that bad, why did'nt he just resurect Shisui??? This details might be because Shisui is still alive that is why Kabuto wasn't able to find Shisui's eye in the first place.

Posted by arthosvalhalla 3 years ago

Quoting arthosvalhalla
Also, Kabuto wants the powers of Shisui, if he wants it that bad, why did'nt he just resurect Shisui??? This details might be because Shisui is still alive that is why Kabuto wasn't able to find Shisui's eye in the first place.

No one is able to locate Shisui's body, and both of his eyes were supposedly taken, one by Itachi (which he destroyed) and the other by Danzo (which he destroyed). This doesn't eliminate him as he could have easily been given new eyes, Genjutsued Itachi into believing he was dead, teamed up with Itachi from the beginning or had some other kind of plan altogether. The absence of his DNA would mean he could not be resurrected if he is truly dead.

But the whole control the world with Genjutsu (and his total control over the 4th Mizukage) lends some meat to the Shisui theory which I can't entirely dismiss.

Posted by edawg 3 years ago

Additionally, if it is Shisui it could be why Itachi booby trapped Sasuke's Eye. If he still had some form of Genjutsu control Saskue would be under his suggestion permanently. (Curiouser and Curiouser).

Posted by edawg 3 years ago

It's possible tht Shisui is behind the mask bc Itachi knows exactly who is behind the mask whether it is "Madara" or not bc he planted the trap in Sasuke to trigger to their eyes meaning whoever it is Itachi knows them or has at least seen their face. Whoever it is Itachi doesn't want Sasuke to see their face.

Posted by hotrich64 3 years ago

Yeah...getting more curious...
No one was able to locate Shisui's body and the absence of his DNA could also mean he could still be out there (fake Madara)and why Kabuto wasn't able to resurect Shisui. Also, i remember an image when fake Madara transplanted the eyes of Itachi to Sasuke, he has a lot of Sharingan eyes at the background, meaning, giving his eyes is like a lending scheme coz he has lots of eyes in reserved. He has a plan also on taking the rinnegan on the right time of his plan, so the lending of his eyes fits the plan.
Sasuke could also be under Genjutsu which Shisui could only pull-off (like taking control of 4th Mizukage).
Acting like a fool under the presence of Itachi when the whole group of Akatsuki is still intact and never giving a hint on his identity would might also mean that fake Madara really knows Itachi well because he doesn't want Itachi to notice this.I vaguely remember that Tobi was disguising because of Itachi's capability to kill him which would also contributes to knowing a lot of Itachi's as a bestfriend.

Posted by arthosvalhalla 3 years ago

Whoever Tobi is seems to have some sort of grudge against the Uchiha clan, or he wouldn't have cooperated with Itachi's slaughter of them.

There's nothing to say that he wasn't still a member of Konoha when he attacked 16-17 years ago, but there are a few things that seem to support the fact that he wasn't. Kisame's memories of him controlling the 4th Mizukage (who was a jinchuriki) for one. His appearance was rather haggard (aged) looking from the little we did see of his face when he went to remove his mask in front of Sasuke.

These things lead me to believe that he was an older gentleman - even though Shisui could be older than people suppose him to be, it seems downright impossible for him to be as old as he would have to be to have been that accomplished. Itachi wouldn't have looked up to him like a brother, he would have looked up to him like an Uncle at that point.

I don't really believe that it is their father (Fugaku Uchiha) because he was the head of the clan at the time of the slaughter. It doesn't quite fit for me what with it supposedly being ordered by the Konoha higher ups.

Danzo's teammate (Kagami Uchiha) is a pretty good candidate in that he has the ties to old circles, the age, etc. Don't know much about him though, so the grudge is really unclear.

Madara's brother would make sense if he was in the 6th coffin and Tobi was Madara. Makes no sense the other way around.

Madara being Madara isn't still a bad theory either. Someone linked a pretty plausible explanation for this in another blog.

My gut tells me it is either Kagami or actually Madara.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

I don't see the mask man's age in the range of Danzo's age or Danzo's teammate for that matter. Assuming he is, Itachi would think of him as a grand father perhaps bcoz his father would be in the range of the 4th Hokage and the 4th Hokage is a student of Jiraiya and Jiraiya is a student of the 3rd which is the range age of Danzo. That's quite a gap.

So fake Madara whould be in the same range of 4th Hokage's age which could be seen as an older brother (or an uncle perhaps) of Itachi since when the 4th Hokage and fake Madara fought, that was same the time Naruto and a few days after Sasuke was born. I not sure if Itachi was already in his teens when Sasuke was born but plus or minus, i think its quite near.

Posted by arthosvalhalla 3 years ago

In addition, for Itachi to have so much respect with Shisui, Shisui must have been pretty much accomplished back then. Also taking into consideration that Itachi is like a "gifted child" that he hangs around people older than him bcoz of the ranking he has achieved at an early age.He could see Shisui as an older brother or uncle perhaps.
The grudge factor for Uchiha clan would also be there for Shisui, since a lot of people, including Uchiha people wants his powers, that would probably led t0 his ultimate plan of a scheme of letting Danzo forcefully take his eye and lending his eye to Itachi and leading to a fake suicide death. And leading to an ultimate plan of recovering his eyes back and controlling over the minds of all people.
A fake suicide death which would probably be supported by the reason why kabuto wasn't able to resurect Shisui in the first place (since Kabuto also wants the power of Shisui) bcoz he wasn't able to locate the body/DNA of Shisui, no one else did. Just thinking out loud.

Posted by arthosvalhalla 3 years ago

Guys I think its pretty obvious. Tobi is Voldemort and Madara is one of his hoxcruxes. There we go Problem solved.

Posted by RenagadeRip 3 years ago