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Who is the Madara behind the mask
I might be completely wrong on this one but what if the Madara behind the mask is sasukes and itachis father. I know you guys are saying it would explain why he knows so much about sasuke and Itachis past if he was there from the start. When the uchia clan question itachi and he goes to kill them itachi father told him not to he listened if he was going to kill everybody anyways why would he have stopped. Also theyre father had the same basic emotions when it came to the clan and even wanted to over throw the leaf village so the clan could take control over. Why else would itachi and assure be so powerful if one was then it wouldnt be an arguement that its genetic somewhere down the line they're all probably related to madara. I think thatthe father saw the tablet and that's all it all started, and remember the time line works with the nine tail fox because the clan wasn,t slain then and also why would the leaf take the clan out if they could be takin out pretty easily. I dont know these are just my thoughts can be way off.

by Eliseobfelix
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

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hell na i know what the fuck i am talking about. u are talking about black zetsu and izuna thats retarded. if he was a helper he could be caring on madaras will kind of like kabuto is. plus u would gain more respect pretending to be madara then a nobody. kisame wasnt alive with madara was so when he saw his face anybody could say he was madara and he would believe it. just like everybody else who hasnt seen his face that believed he was madara based on his skills alone.

Posted by wombat3476 3 years ago

plus u dont have to evaluate everybody in the manga. i really belive tobi is a clone of madara made by madara because he was dying and thats why tobi always says he a shell of his former self. and why he stated he wanted nagato to use that tech on him. the bringing people back to life tech. he wanted to bring back the original madara

Posted by wombat3476 3 years ago

Tobi is Madara (either by splitting technique or biological clone) or someone we don't know about.

Posted by Powder119 3 years ago

well it def wasnt a splitting tech because he brought back his soul

Posted by wombat3476 3 years ago

There's no way to rule out the possibility of fractured souls. Orochimaru had one, Hiruzen had one.

Posted by Powder119 3 years ago

It can also be the other way around. The masked guy can be another Uchiha (with mankegyo sharingan) and powerfulus ing DNA of madara and first hokages dna to enchance his abilities. Also, he might have been trained under madara and knows his secrets and told him to carry on with his plan.

Posted by kent0005 3 years ago


Posted by cosmyno7 3 years ago

All these people yelling "OBITO" make me want to go on a killing spree.

Obito has no motive. /discussion

Posted by Powder119 3 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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