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The Secret of Madara's Sharingan (reveled)
Ok so this is just speculation but 'Tobi' claimed to have given Nagato the Rinnegan and seeing now that the Rinnegan is just an advanced state of the Sharingan { Sharingan < Mangekyo Sharingan < Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan < Rinnegan } his claim maybe true and its safe to assume that Nagato's Rinnegan may actually be Madara's original eyes base on 'Tobi's' eye collection.

Did 'The Sage of Six Paths' have to go through the same awaken and his splitting will amongst his sons may seem unfair but Hashirama Senju was still able to go toe to toe with the eye technique.

If this be the case then Sasuke and maybe even Kakashi should be able to awaken the Rinnegan as well.

Tobi even though saying he's Madara Uchiha and is referred to as such by Itachi, Minato and the Kyuubi never actually uses the Mangekyo or Rinnegan which as both already been awakened by the original Madara.

by xaioque
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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well the kyubi never refered to tobi as madara just said he new madara and madara did take control of him vs the 1st.

tobi said the uchia and senju where one and the same and that the great sage was both bloodline limits. and that he used izangi and he created the senju and uchia from nothing.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

so in saying that the sages eyes where probably like madaras eyes. and kakashi probably cant get the ringun because he cant obtain a eternal sharingun

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476so in saying that the sages eyes where probably like madaras eyes. and kakashi probably cant get the ringun because he cant obtain a eternal sharingun

well kakashi really shouldn't have the MS, cos its jsut a bit strange that a non Uchiha is progress an Uchiha eye. But since his eye has already been transplanted (from obito to him) it wouldn't be unreasonable for him to have EMS.

Posted by cardboard_box 2 years ago

Wasn't the EMS pertained to those who were siblings originally? I mean Madara took his younger brother's eyes, and Sasuke took his older brother's eyes. The siblings with the Mangekyou sharingan were said to be eachother's spare, granting them even more power and without the loss of sight.
As for kakashi and his MS, all it takes for a sharingan user is for it to be fully developed (3 tomoe) and a great pain of loss experience through someone close. Sasuke didn't kill Itachi, rather he felt the loss of his older brother which awakened his.
the EMS is a combination of 2 different Mangekyou sharingan from siblings, as it has been given evidence being there are only two people mentioned to have the EMS obtained it after taking the eyes of their sibling.

Posted by FMAsasuke 2 years ago

I would say that to say the Rinnegan is just an advanced form of the sharingan is a bit premature. To say that you can evolve the rinnegan from the sharingan is true.

However it does seem to prove that the rinnegan's appearance is an activated thing like the sharingan, instead of a constant thing like the Byakugan. The fact that Nagato's rinnegan was never once shown as inactive leads me to believe that what Tobi said is true.

The Kyuubi does know who Madara is (speaking to sasuke he said, this chakra is just like madara uchiha's), but he only called Tobi "You". This means that he definitely recognized tobi, but gives no indication as to where he knew him from.

Minato determined it was Madara from Tobi's abilities, but then said Madara had to be dead, to which Tobi replied "well, maybe". He then decided not to think about it anymore.

I don't recall Itachi ever referring to Tobi at all to be honest.

As for the EMS, Itachi and Tobi both claimed it was from your brother only.

Posted by Almightywood 2 years ago

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