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The Secret of the Rinnegan
In the recent chapter, Madara said something about "secret about his body". So my guess would be that somehow it is unique to him(and maybe to his brother also). I'm pertaining to Uchiha + Uzumaki/Senju relationship. Like i posted before what could happen if two clans with such outstanding features marries and have children. With the concept of "bloodline limits", there are bizarre of probabilities.
1. Tobi could have given some Uchiha eyes to Nagato but instead of Sharingan he was able to activate the Rinnegan. Which could also explain why Nagato's eyes didn't return to normal(always in Rinnegan mode) similar to Kakashi Sharingan(can't be deactivated by Kakasshi).
2. Madara's mother(since he led and bear the Uchiha name, it is most likely that it is his father who is an Uchiha) is either Senju/Uzumaki or close related to Senju/Uzumaki.
3. It rules out the Tobi is just another Zetsu/clone. If he is a zetsu then he already has the feature of Senju which can control both Sharingan and Rinnegan from the start and won't be needing Nagato to "contain" the Rinnegan. It was shown in the battle of Tobi Vs Minato that Tobi hasn't fused Senju's cell with his body yet.
4. Nagato's story could be known by Orochimaru and thus did some research which Kabuto pertains when he said about Orochimaru's and his data.

Note: Again these are just theories of mine. I could be wrong. It can right. Whatever Kishi shows in the next chapters it will surely clear things out

by sempet
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (12)

Quoting wombat3476on the tobi part why shouldnt there be blood when tobi get attacked by the 4th? just because u havent seen zetsu clone not bleed dosent mean tobi wont danzo bleed and he had senju cells in him
they werent respected rivals till the made the village madara took his brothers eyes specifically to beat the senju they werent friends but they got tired of the blood shed and created the village i am sure madaras mom isnt uchia that would be incest but she isnt senju or uzamki either

You won't make a pact with a HATED rival in any situation even if it cost you your life. But in case of Respected rival, there is mutual respect and there is a chance of you making a pact which happened between Uchiha and Senju.
As about claiming SURE that Madara's mom is not an Uchiha coz it would be incest, I think is kinda narrow minded. It can happen that partners come from same clan e.g. both from Uchiha clan but are distant relatives like 6th generation/5th degree relative.
You give too much confidence in your ideas and seems like you won't accept anything that contradicts your ideas.
Thanks for reading my blog and giving comments. I might be wrong in my ideas/theories but its still fun getting my mind to work

Posted by sempet 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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