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Once and for all, who is tobi?
First off let me note that I DO NOT remember every detail of the manga, so if im wrong somewhere please feel free to correct me. Down to bussiness. The manga has really taken a twist. we have just seen madara uchiha revived by the Impure world ressurection. we all know that you must be dead for this justu to revive you. based on common sense, this proves without a doubt that the masked uchiha(ill just call him tobi) is Not Madara.
Some theories:

Obito: No, get off of his nuts please obito is dead. He has no sharingan left(one crushed, one taken by Kakashi.) This uchiha had two sharingan(before he used inzangi).

Inzuna: if i didnt spell it right sorry but its madara uchiha brother. while it could be, i highly doubt it. lets face it too many stories were told of madara taking his brother eyes and his EMS just make it even more proof. i believe he is dead.

Madara: No, why would madara be afriad of himself? many more conflicting factors but im not getting into this.

Sasuke/Itachi's dad?: hmmm could be, but itachi slew him with his own hands. i dont think itachi would have left him alive.

My theory: simple. A uchiha who has yet been introduced. Until futher information is revealed i believe this is a uchiha who might have been envious to madara. he is obviously powerful(even though he hasnt shown any impressive combat experience). What gets me is why has he been alive so long?
Also why was he able to perform inzangi? Maybe these two (his age and the use of inzangi)are related? Uchiha and Senju blood?Uzumaki's have long lives and a strong life force so i assume so does the senju. Last but not lease. This is a long shot but im gonna just say it. although we never seen it he HAS MANGEKYO SHARINGAN. If you ever notice when he uses the space time technique, it always comes from his eye. this has to be his mangekyo technique. I could go on and on but i would like to hear others. what do you think?

by wolfyuchiha
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting Rasengan_heuwell thats what it sounded like when i watched the episode... Suigetsu says, you got inside manda with a space/time ninjutsu to escape the blast. and sasuke said just before we flew off manda and i were hit by the blast. anyways thats not the point, the point was that sasuke used space-time ninjutsu before having MS, so its possible tobi doesnt even have MS
your right he might not even have the mangekyou sharingan, who knows. though there r two things i think i know for sure. one he is an uchiha and those are his eyes remember when itachi was a mystery it seemed as though his eyes always stayed on as well. powerful uchiha seem to keep there sharingan on a lot for some reason. two that his space time technique comes from his eye. He is a mystery and im sure he will bring a even bigger twist to the story than he already has

Posted by wolfyuchiha 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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