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I have read a lot of crazy and stupid ideas of who people think tobi is so i decided to do my own blog. First off it is not I repeat not obito. Their is no way the 4th hokage couldn't figure out it was his own student. My guess is its probably madara brother izuna or an old member of the senju or uzumaki clan. Whoever he is knows a lot about the history of the sage of six paths, the founding of the leaf village, and the uchiha and senju clan rivalry. But the most important thing is they were able to deceive itachi. Since tobi knew about madara having the Rinnegan I wouldn't doubt it being madara brother or even the sage of six paths oldest son. Any thoughts???

by mrmcdonald
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Tobi has collection of sharingans, so he transplanted that on his left eye and was able to easily sacrifice that eye to izanagi because his left eye is transplanted after giving his eye to kakashi. Since Tobi still has right eye like Obito, it has to be him. It appears obito right eye is crushed in manga but i don't think it didn't. If it wasn't obito, why would they hide tobi left side of his face in manga several times? obito right side was crushed and tobi right face was shown to be wrinkled and appears damaged. Since obito's left side isn't crushed, i bet tobi left face looks normal and undamaged. That's why they didn't show it in the manga because it would reveal Tobi as obito

When i mean tobi is obito i only mean his body. Component of madara or someone else is probably using his body.

If it isn't Obito's body, i would say Tobi is Izuna with madara's components. Like have his memories and powers. Could be other way around; Madara, his clone, or creation is Tobi and using izuna or someone else body. Or tobi is simply a clone or creation by Madara like zetsu.

Posted by kent0005 2 years ago

Tobi is the other Black and White halves of the original Zetsu. The eye he uses for Izanagi has black around it like Black Zetsu, his arm that he loses is white like White Zetsu. When Tobi shows Sasuke his Sharigan that's the White part of Zetsu because he can make clones down to the cellular level to make himslef look like Uchiha Madara. Tobi cannot activate any dojutsu they are always permanently activated and Tobi needs a pair of permanent Mangekyo Sharigan (Sauke's). Zetsu/Tobi was most likely a test subject for the real Uchiha Madara that's how Zetsu/Tobi has copied his cells.

Posted by blazechronic805 2 years ago

tobi is one of the second hokages students an uchiha because he is at the same age as danzo and he know him very well and he know the history of kohoha in details so he was there since the begnning .

Posted by hassanalfadhli 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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