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Team Kage
I would like to belive that the five kage is a force to count on against the power of Madara. they all have been chosen as the Number 1 ninja in each of their villages, so they should not have any problems with Madara. I personally though dont think that some of the kage's are the strongest in their villages, mostly pointing finger at Tsunade. I belive Naruto is much stronger, though he has not got the same level of experience in battle or war. it will be an awesome clash when Team Kage fights Madara, And Naruto takes on Tobi. Cant wait


by Rasengan_heu
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (18)

Rasengan_heu of course he's no just going to beat kabuto he's going to put him in a genjutsu n release all the summon ninjas

Posted by mrmcdonald 2 years ago

first of he has no control over Madara yet. and even if he would be controlling him, it doesnt matter if he releases control over Madara, because Madara is still the enemy

Posted by Rasengan_heu 2 years ago

so if kabuto dies edo tensei will still be activated? so that means the dead ones can take control over their bodies again cuz the caster is dead already.

Posted by ginbu45 2 years ago

kabuto has control over madara he is choosing not to because he dosent know his abilities and itachi is going to use a genjitsu to release the jutsu. people be hating on tsunade she is stronger than kakashi, if kakashi had more chakara that would be a dif story but thats not the case. i am telling people she is related to the 1st she has more she hasnt shown us.

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

yeah they will gain control over their own bodies. still it doesnt matter if he uses genjutsu to release it. because Madara will still be alive. and i never said he didnt have control over Madara i meant he didnt have control over him atm

Posted by Rasengan_heu 2 years ago

and i trully agreed with you...power along cant beat the highly experiance 5 kages in thhe battle field...if naruto have the time to train under the 5 kages..it would be easy for him to deal with tobi..but his tutor killerbee also an old timer in war..im sure he teach naruto some ace card when they were training together..

Posted by zulkang 2 years ago

yeah but naruto just got a bunch of training he gets all the knowledge of all those battles he is currently in right now. gaining more experince

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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