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Uchiha + Uzumaki
At the 5 kages summit,Tobi did told a story of Rikudou Sennin and about the 2 brothers.The older brother was given the ocular power but,short life force.The young brother was given a powerful chakra and long life force.Tobi claims that the Uchiha clan was the one from the older brother and Senju clan was the one from the young brother.I think,Tobi might be wrong about the Senju clan is from the young brother.In the story,the clan that have powerful chakra and long life force is Uzumaki Clan.Uzumaki Kushina has proved it when the kyuubi was taken from her.Kushina should be died after the kyuubi was taken from her.But,because of the clan long life force,she still alive after the kyuubi leave her body.Even Naruto has a powerful chakra.The frog that teaches Jiraiya claims that,in order to be a sennin,someone needs strong chakra and a guts not to give up.Jiraiya didn't perfectly in the sennin mode because his chakra wasn't strong enough.Naruto prove it that his chakra was strong enough to gain the sennin mode.

So,I think,Tobi might be wrong about the Senju clan was from the young brother at the 1st time.Tobi only drives by the evidence that the only clan who can keep up with uchiha is senju clan,but it didn't prove that the senju was from the young brother.Senju is just a distant relatif of Uzumaki clan.The story about the young brother has a powerful chakra and long life force most likely same as Uzumaki clan story.Maybe,Tobi attacking konoha 16 years ago because he wanted to prove his theory about the young brother story,which is he want to know whether Uzumaki Kushina will died after he taken the kyuubi from her.As a result,Kushina didn't died.So,his theory about the Uzumaki was from the young brother story is absolutely right.Tobi told the story that the Senju clan was from the young brother story is just a lie to cover up Madara's mistakes.The real story behind Madara and Hashirama battle is I think Madara want to gain Uzumaki Mito DNA.But,he got Hashirama DNA instead.Edo Tensei Madara have said that,he activated the rinnegan a short second before he died.So,whose the person that going to make an experiments on Hashirama DNA,since we know that Madara is death?I'm absolutely sure that person is Tobi.Whoever Tobi is,Madara already planned everything with him,except,Madara didn't told Tobi an info about the Uzumaki clan.I bet,the left side of Tobi body that have rinnegan is an Uzumaki DNA.

But still,that's just my thoughts.There must be wrong info that I put in it.I'm sorry if anything that I said make you guys angry.We can share our own opinion.But,I know,my thought sounds ridiculous..haha..

by CekikDaud
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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dont know if it means anything but kakashi is the one who says it here is a link

http://www.mangareader.net/93-83-13/naruto/chapt er-78.html

or chapter 78 page 13

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476having the sages body is the main point they make about the senju. having good body strength,endurance,healing, all sorts of stuff. it states in the manga the senju got the sages body, his life force, and his physical strength. chapter 462 page 12 the uchia got the eyes spiritual energy and strong chakara.

I don't think the Senju got the full sages body.When you see it back,Uzumaki have a longevity and stamina.Tobi say it when he saw Kushina didn't died after the kyuubi leave her body(chapter 502 page 12).Senju didn't have what it takes to have a full control of sages body.Still,I think,Senju needs Uzumaki DNA to have a full sages body.That man is Naruto,he have Senju and Uzumaki DNA.It's makes Naruto a perfect sages body controller.Even,sasuke I think have a Senju DNA in him,I bet,his mother or grandmother or great grandmother was not an uchiha in the 1st place.

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

yeah kushina was spaecial not the entire clan. and they did get the body its just u thinking they didnt. and why do u think naruto has senju blood i guess u are thinking the 4th is senju. and the seju meaning the 1st he could control the beast as pets thats a little better than sealing it in ur body

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476yeah kushina was spaecial not the entire clan.

Did you read the chapter again?It's obvious that Tobi said,"The Uzumaki clan is really something special.Even wrenching a bijuu out of your body didn't kill you right away".Isn't it obvious to you?Tobi said,"The Uzumaki clan is really something special".If Tobi said,"Uzumaki Kushina is really something special",it's a different story.Tobi not talking about Kushina alone,he talk about the entire clan,which is has longevity and stamina.Tobi did told to Naruto that the younger brother was gifted with the sage body,longevity and stamina.Uzumaki clan inherited the longevity and stamina.There's only 2 person that we know entered the sage mode,which is Jiraiya and Naruto.Jiraiya didn't fully entered the sage mode because he don't have what it needs to be a Sage.I ask you 1 thing,why did Naruto successfully entered the sage mode?

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

stamina wasnt one of them. the only thing the uzamakis have is the sealing jutsu witch are passed down from the sage probably and a strong life force. it was her life force that kept her alive not her stamina. the reason jiraiya couldn't was because of concentration they even say that naruto got more training in sage mode because he used kage bushin witch can triple or even more the training

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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