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Chapter 563 recap
The battle between the kage 5 against Madara and Mu begins for real.
From what i saw, the Kage's as a united front makes for a very powerful weapon.
The Raikage and Tsuchikage made for an excellent Offense.
They went and did a pretty awesome combination when Raikage gave Onoki a piggyback ride.
Onoki would use his technique to lighten the Raikage's body making him even faster, and he did it without decreasing the raikages powerful Taijutsu.
On top of that they had the Mizukages Lava release wich made quite an impact as well.
As for defense, Onoki and Gaara make quite the powerful combo team.
As for Tsunade we did not get to see anything special. except for her awesome Healing abilities, wich gives Team Kage a huge advantage.

Madara does not seem to be phased by them yet though. seeing he is a very powerful opponent, and with the rinnegan having the traits of the sharingan as well! what the f,
and i recon since he can use wood release he has earth,water and fire element. it will be a tough fight. Mu was not making quite the same impact as madara. mostly because Kabuto was in control. The only thing kabuto did was flee to the protection of Madara.

Then we have Naruto. Desperatly wanting to join the fight he was told not to interfere. with Madara revived, it was the Kage 5's responsibilty to defeat him seeing they to were responsible for the hatred the world has been cursed with. He was told to defeat the other Madara. This is where it all becomes exciting. Will we finally see the true face of the man behind the mask, and will Naruto be able to defeat him. I think we will. I would hope that the next chapter is all about Tobi VS Naruto. dont we all?


by Rasengan_heu
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (18)

Well im not thrill about the tobi vs naruto fight because there's two BROTHERS that's about to have a rematch or maybe a talk. saskue dosent know that itachi has been brought back to life. Im ready to see the interaction between them both because at this point, saskue's mission is to destroy the leaf village and itachi is helping the village. I think that this is what itachi didnt want to happen and now he will have a secound chance to set thing's right with him. so maybe they fight and he give's his power that was given to naruto to saskue. But only with a open heart lol well that's what i wanna see happen but this isnt my story it's naruto's

Posted by princehavik69 2 years ago

Do you know when will the next chapter be published?

Posted by MilicaS 2 years ago

The power that itachi gave naruto was shisuis eye in the crow so he cant give it to sasuke for 1 it wldnt make sense bcus its used to break tsukyomi and he also burned it and i alrdy know wats goin to happen if sasuke sees itachi he wont acept him as his brother bcus he will believe that itachi is still dead and bcus hes evil now and after he tries to deal with itachi then he will most likely turn on kabuto unless itachi has alrdy killed him.

Posted by Pitmist 2 years ago

But kishi said the next one will be this wed and i bet he delayed it to fuck with us bcus the headbutt between tobi and naruto will break his mask and reaveal his face and kishi just wanted it to stay secret for another week and grind my gears.

Posted by Pitmist 2 years ago

I bet,Tobi mask will brake up.But,Kishi will not shows Tobi face in the next chapter.It might be after this next chapter.Great men to amke me wait.hehe

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

i wonder what's tobi's new abilities cuz he got a rinnegan. could it be the same as nagato or is there something new?

Posted by ginbu45 2 years ago

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