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a wild theory
i had a thought about something.
we know that madar fought the first and lost. we now know that he didnt die as everyone thought but he gained some of the first's power. and we know tobi is claiming to be madara. if he is or isnt i dont, but for this blog lets say he is in some way or another.
tobi has the moons eye plan.
madara has a plan of some kind also. (the plan we dont know yet)
but what if both plans r the same and both tobi and madara r both madara.
im saying that in his dieing days madara came up with a plan to not only bring him self back to life but take control over the whole ninja world.
now this would i assume take alot of planing and waiting. but what if he has been ploting and manipulateing everything in the back ground.
manga 400 itachi meets tobi outside konoha. he tells him whats going on and tobi helps him kill all his clan members.
but what if this in its self is a set up of tobi's. the fact that itachi's father is the matermind behind the coup is a bit to easy for me.
madara has shown his ability to control others. managa 507 madara reveals himself to kisame while controling the 4th mizukage. and reveals his master plan to him. but the fact that he can control others so easy. leads me to ask. the fact that a coup was going on in the leaf at the same time tobi was around. and it was a coup inside the uchiha clan. the one clan and the one vilage madara want revenge on the most.
its all to easy. and thus this would make the 3 time madara has tryed to take control or destroy the leaf. first was the fight with the first. second was 16 years before when he unleashed the nine tails. both were threw direct attacks. now he comes back and works in the shadows.
then the fact that this all goes down like this and kisame just happens to get paired with itachi later. when we know that madara and kisame already are working together.
but lets go back even further. nagato was given his eyes by tobi. manga 446, hanzo and danzo (from the leaf) join forces to try and kill nagato and his friends. thus the birth of nagato as pain is started.
and then manga 562, the fact that the oldest of the kages is seen in a short flash back from when he was younger and madara is there.
there have been alot of hints that madara just may have been around alot longer than we have been told and that he may actualy been hidden in the back ground pushing and pulling all the strings that have led to war. almost as if he was pushing and training the people he needed to the point and which he could use them to make his actual (master plan) work.
all the great wars have taken part after madars so called death. but we know he had a plan. what if all the wars and all the battels were his doing just waiting and looking for the right time to strike. pushing some to power and removeing others that could maybe stand in his way untill all the points and players were just right and he could strike.

again this is a wild theory. but it also kinda fits some of what we have been told so far.
who knows.

by vertigosr
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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