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Tobi vs Madara
Scene shows Naruto Standing in Front of the Kyubbi’s cage.

Kyubbi: Madarra, so he has finally returned. What do you want to know?
Naruto: Why did you help me instead of him? I mean wasn’t he your original master?

Kyubbi: Madarra is everything you’re not Naruto. He was the strongest and most proud leader of the Uchiha clan, he believes the Uchiha stand above all other shinobi, that they are the destined leaders of this world.
Kyubbi: He is committed to the goal of the Uchiha attaining their rightful place in this world and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make that come true. In the past it was the decision to join with the Senju, he had hoped to make the clan stronger by having strong allies and then having the Uchiha lead them, however things turned out differently and it was the Senju that led the Uchiha instead.
Naruto: so he is doing all this… for his people.
Kyubbi: NARUTO!! He is also nowhere near as naïve as you. Uchiha Madarra may have morals but they are morals that are suited to him and the Uchiha clan.
Kyubbi: Madarra would lay waste to the whole of Konoha and every other village if it meant that the Uchiha would be the leaders in the aftermath who would shape the future. Madarra would do anything and everything for his clan whilst you can’t even consider killing Sasuke who is now the enemy of all the alliance for what he has done.
Kyubbi: As much as I despise you Naruto, you have never sought out or even considered using me. The only thing you’ve sought after is my chakra. Madarra however would use me like a puppet to achieve his ideals. He would tie strings to my legs with his sharingan and make me dance to his tune. Do you see now why I despise that accursed man more than you?!!!
Naruto:…I will make the choices I have to when they need to be made, but for now 9 tails I think its time for you to make your choice.

Scene Switch to Madarra

Madarra jumps down from the tree that he’s been standing on of and faces off against Tobi at a distance of about 20-30 feet. His anger is still boiling over as he confronts Tobi.

Madarra: ‘You massacred them all!! You betrayed them all Tobi!!’ Madarra roars at him.
Tobi: I betrayed no one. They deserved what they got. They had forsaken their pride as Uchiha’s when they became the lapdogs of the Senju. They had become weak and required extermination.
Madarra: You dare to justify the annihilation of our clan, you dare to justify your greed for power this way?!!
Tobi: Greed?! This was balance. You had your chance brother to lead the clan and see where it got you. My sacrifice went in vain once and I shall not be sacrificed in vain again. It is my turn now to mould the future how I see fit and I shall not let you get in my way!

Madarra looks at Tobi and then finally the anger slowly vanishes from his face and he begins to laugh. He lifts his head to look up into the sky and he keeps on laughing.

Tobi: What do you find so funny?!!

Madarra looks over at Tobi again the anger still in his eye and the smile still on his face

Madarra: It made me laugh to think that you believed you would have any choice in the matter.
Madarra: Was there ever a time you managed to defeat me one on one brother?! Even when you were in your prime you were always second to me and now you are in this pathetic body and you think you can stand against me even whilst I am like this?!!
Tobi: A long time has passed since then brother and now I also have the Rinnegan at my disposal.
Madarra Laughing softly: So that is why you are choosing to stand and fight rather than running is it?
Tobi: running would accomplish nothing, you would just chase and find me. No, I will take you down now whilst I still have the upper hand.
Madarra: upper hand? Hahaha.

Madarra looks over Tobi’s shoulder and turns his attention to Zetsu.

Madarra: Zetsu my old friend, you said you follow the real Uchiha madarra, then go and take these former hosts with you, I have no need of them, follow out your current instructions until the real Uchiha Madarra comes to you.
Kabuto viewing this from inside Madarra: (The real Uchiha Madarra, what could he be planning??)

Zetsu looks over towards Tobi and then at Madarra, he bows towards both of them and then heads off taking the former hosts with them.

Madarra: Now Tobi, it is just us left, show me what you can do.

As Madarra is saying this he pulls out a scroll from behind his back

Scene Switch to Gaara

Gaara and Bee are travelling through a wooded area, Bee is carrying Naruto on his back.

Gaara: The Tsuchikage should hopefully be with the medics by now, I hope he makes it through this.
Bee: That’s one tough old geezer, I ain;t worried so don’t you either.
Gaara: (His rhymes get worse and worse) Anyway we need to get Naruto back to the command tents immediately.

Suddenly from in front of them Tsunade and Raikage appear. Both sides stop in front of each other.

Tsunade: What has happened to Naruto?!!
Gaara: nothing, he’s supposedly talking to the Kyubbi to get intel on Madarra.
Raikage: I see.

Raikage walks over to Bee and gives him a fist pound to the head
Raikage: Is this what you call looking after him?!!
Bee: Oww!
Raikage: Kazekage what is the current loation of madarra now?
Gaara: It is unknown, after he defeated the Tsuchikage he took off. If the last intel we received from the edo tensei user is to be believed he is going to confront the masked Madarra.
Tsunade: So…they might not have been working together?!
Gaara: we can’t say, that is about as much information as we have right now.
Tsunade: Raikage, I suggest we head back to the command tents right now, we need to formulate a plan based on this new intel and if Madarra is going to fight the masked man then that might just give us the reprieve we need.
Zetsu: I’m afraid that you won’t be getting any reprieve anytime soon hehe.

They all turn around to see Zetsu walk out from amongst the trees surrounded by the former jinchurriki.

Zetsu: I see you made things easier for me by coming out here. I’m sorry but I’ll have to take the boy with me and you all will have to die now!

Scene Switch to Madarra

Madarra has summoned his fan and his holding it out in front of him.

Madarra: You haven’t forgotten about this have you brother?

Madarra gives what looks to be a gentle sideways wave of the fan and an arcing slice of wind shoots out heading towards Tobi. Tobi Phases almost instantly as it flies through him.

Madarra: I know all your weaknesses brother, what do you think you can do?!

Tobi holds out his hand: *Bansho Tenin*. Madarra flies towards Tobi still smiling. Madarra says *Shinra Tensei*. The shinra Tensei with the added force of the Bansho Tennin strikes Tobi and sends him flying crashing through a tree.

Madarra: That is your first weakness brother, You cannot use a justsu while phased, you have to be solid for that.
Tobi: *Kuchiyose no justsu*

We see the big chameleon lizard appear out of nowhere, Tobi jumps onto it and it slowly turns invisible and disappears.

Madarra: ‘and you seem to forget my attacks have a very large range’. Madarra lifts his fan with his right hand and pulls it back all the way over his left shoulder. With his left hand he creates a seal: *Katon: Imperial Wave of the sun god*. He slashes the fan across his front all the way to his right, a massive wave of air rushes spreading out to his far left and right and crashes forward. Madarra breathes out fire into it transforming it into a huge inferno of destructive flame that blasts through the trees. Suddenly its centre strikes something invisible and there’s a large scream. Madarra slashes his fan to the left and right and suddenly the sides of the huge wave that were crushing past turn and crash in to the sides of the invisible chameleon now being burned from all angles.

Madarra: You’ll have to do better than that brother.
Tobi: I am!!

Tobi appears rising up out of the ground from behind madarra and begins to warp him away into his other dimension.

Madarra: *Shinra Tensei*

Tobi gets blasted away once more crashing through the trees.

Madarra: That is your second weakness, you can’t warp anything whilst phased either.

The Ground beneath madarra’s feet suddenly begins exploding. Multiple blasts start exploding all around causing the ground to break and tilt all over. Madarra shifts to try and keep his balance on the shifting ground.
Tobi appears from beneath the ground once more right behind Madarra and this time grabs him from behind locking his arms in place and holding firmly against himself.

Tobi: Game over. I win brother.
Madarra still smiles to himself.

Have fun !

by sagarpdy
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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nice fanfic but still you posted your article in the wrong section!

Posted by sempet 2 years ago


Posted by sagenaruto_99 2 years ago

Whoa. i wish this could really happen.

Posted by ginbu45 2 years ago

You know what would be carzy if madara had a cruse mark

Posted by BBBigR 2 years ago

yeah right. thats way too imposible.

Posted by ginbu45 2 years ago

madara will defeat tobi in the final battle

Posted by mickowafer 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago