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Naruto Blogs
Title Author Added
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Jutsu Bandage 3 years
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what becomes in the end? joessj5 3 years
Shippuuden 214 stones my heart. uzumakimadara 3 years
Sasuke The Parasitoid xaioque 3 years
THE ETERNAL RIVALS... unclek 3 years
Happy End of the World Everybody. wa_hockey19 3 years
Edo Tensei can be repeatedly executed. uzumakimadara 3 years
Itachi's Comments edawg 3 years
Itachi's Gift BlackNaruto23 3 years
Danzo Shimura ironmic 3 years
Narutos realistic movie uchiha_kitten 3 years
Very excited Rasengan_heu 3 years
New Naruto movie Rasengan_heu 3 years
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Moon Eye Plan to be realized? sempet 3 years
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 The Lost Tower wa_hockey19 3 years
Naruto Shippuuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower - Watch online Galandos 3 years
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relation between bayakugen and sharingen catlar 3 years
Kyuubis answer to Madaras Mooneye Plan uzumakimadara 3 years
Kakashi's Love xaioque 3 years
Who is the Fourth Hokages parents??? CASS7 3 years
Nagato destroying the leaf Almightywood 3 years
info animesource15 3 years
Who has the best looking Mangekyo Sharingan? jeansaturnie 3 years
Hinata Vs Sakura? CASS7 3 years
Hinata Vs Sakura CASS7 3 years
Rock Lee Springtime of Youth 03 Manga Download kurashige 3 years
The joke is on Sakura CASS7 3 years
Is Naruto a Senju BlackNaruto23 3 years
Sasuke and The Truth BlackNaruto23 3 years
Six Path's Stone Tablets edawg 3 years
legendary sannin BlackNaruto23 3 years
Naruto Justu and Fighting BlackNaruto23 3 years
Naruto vs Madara and Naruto vs Sasuke BlackNaruto23 3 years
gaara umc45hul 3 years
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Uchiha Madara's Aim sempet 3 years
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Current Naruto Shippuden episodes~ 2011 sockie 3 years
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