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Naruto Blogs
Title Author Added
retort immikeporter 2 years
chapter 600 Kiamo217 2 years
the power vertigosr 2 years
The Strongest narutoboy05 2 years
POWER immikeporter 2 years
Now, who is the one teamed up with Deidara? uzumakimadara 2 years
Tobi and Izuna mrmcdonald 2 years
Truth Behind Uchiha Madara markdoll 2 years
Truth Behind Uchiha Madara markdoll 2 years
2 Tobi's mrmcdonald 2 years
The TOBI's markdoll 2 years
Confirmation of Doubts Quajo 2 years
Inconsistencies? Quajo 2 years
RE: Plot-holes. Quajo 2 years
how madara will be beaten ericdana73 2 years
Who attacked Minato and Kushina during Naruto's birth, Is it Obito as well? uzumakimadara 2 years
My thoughts on why Tobi is still Izunta 999 adoksos 2 years
Plot-Hole? choppachoppa 2 years
-__- so this is "Tobi Shippuden" now? omg_evrynameistaken 2 years
Meh Told you Obito is Tobi My theory on how it happened Supernova1238 2 years
Well I know when I'm beat... Kiamo217 2 years
Its Obito jmmuniz1 2 years
tobi the man behind the spiral mask adam.neely 2 years
The Truth Behind The Comic Market 78 Interview Voltronic 2 years
Interview with Kishimoto at Comic Market 78 Voltronic 2 years
yy Voltronic 2 years
Tobi ericdana73 2 years
PROOF TOBI IS OBITO Supernova1238 2 years
Another Tobi guess.... tulgaab 2 years
Can't Shake the feeling about Tobi CBAperson 2 years
Can't shake the feeling about Tobi... CBAperson 2 years
The identity of Tobi! Kiamo217 2 years
Soooo... immikeporter 2 years
who is tobi stranger_155 2 years
rasengan Jeffleboss 2 years
My theory on tobi. Supernova1238 2 years
Can't Wait omg_evrynameistaken 2 years
zetsu is tobi zetsu_a_good_boy 2 years
Another Madara/Tobi Opinion jlfullerton1 2 years
Another Tobi/Madara theory jlfullerton1 2 years
Just another theory jlfullerton1 2 years
obito is not tobi, tobi actually is... jon_lee87 2 years
Obito theory = Out the window omg_evrynameistaken 2 years
Twitter/RP uchiha_kitten 2 years
wth! marquis.smilingatlife.brown 2 years
Tobi... hummmmm CBAperson 2 years
Working out who Tobi is Supernova1238 2 years
Uchiha Madara and Edo Tensei sempet 2 years
Tobi is... CBAperson 2 years
what is that jutsu? kenrelle24 2 years
SPOILER! Tsunade is a Sage Quajo 2 years
Why Wage War If...? Quajo 2 years
The Many Things We have taken for Granted Quajo 2 years
the one who knows every thing ericdana73 2 years
The one who knows everything Rasenraikiri 2 years
Madara, still alive and here to stay xaioque 2 years
Just Wondering kelvinallo 2 years
Is Tsunade the weakest kage? mrmcdonald 2 years
Here it is immikeporter 2 years

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