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Naruto Blogs
Title Author Added
Help! MilicaS 2 years
Uchiha Sasuke CekikDaud 2 years
Yagura and Isobu the 3 trails. Quajo 2 years
SPOILER--- mickowafer 2 years
kages c1yd3fr0g 2 years
Brother vs brother OR Brothers together save Konoha | WAR ends MilicaS 2 years
Brother vs brother OR Brothers together save Konoha | WAR ends MilicaS 2 years
Hashirama Senju jolas 2 years
Naruto chapters MilicaS 2 years
A Brief Update with Questions hirokuroza 2 years
OROchimaru's scroll-spoiler mickowafer 2 years
Most used Jirayasannin 2 years
Can Naruto win? kenrelle24 2 years
Itachi and sauske Tsfuko 2 years
Brother's meet and incredible madara Leveche 2 years
manga 575: stone will kent0005 2 years
CONGRATZ sempet 2 years
Brother's meeting and Incredible Madara Leveche 2 years
Good Match-ups we probably will never see. Who would win Mr.007BG 2 years
Tobi hirokuroza 2 years
Too Many Blogs hirokuroza 2 years
the end is near spirit_fu02 2 years
Still want to discuss it... CekikDaud 2 years
Crazy but could be possible elroyjetson03 2 years
Hashirama vs Madara Wil8108 2 years
Tobi Is Most Probably Actually Madara. Quajo 2 years
different character wombat3476 2 years
Manga 474: Oricharmaru's plan kent0005 2 years
Top 10 ninja recently Supernova1238 2 years
favorite manga. wombat3476 2 years
When You Have The Eyes xaioque 2 years
A little bit of Tobi drama... UzumakiRoby 2 years
Just a thought okay... CekikDaud 2 years
Who is Tobi? jmullis 2 years
Will Naruto lose the Nine Tails? Pitmist 2 years
Reasons elroyjetson03 2 years
just a thought vertigosr 2 years
kekkei Genkais, Jutsus and Hidden Techniques mechlord 2 years
Kushina and the Senju. Do they have KG? Quajo 2 years
Tobi Who? travis.mckinney1 2 years
Poor Fandom CekikDaud 2 years
the truth thetruth86 2 years
set things straight thetruth86 2 years
next chapter, sasukes talk with itachi the_buddhist 2 years
Chapter 573...sasuke enter the battlefield!! Leveche 2 years
greatest potential wombat3476 2 years
greatest potential wombat3476 2 years
I Supernova1238 2 years
Minato vs Itachi jolas 2 years
third hokage fat_strudle 2 years
Kekkei Genkai mrmcdonald 2 years
New fight kenrelle24 2 years
Jiraiya-sama largely to blame for the current woes of the shinobi world? Quajo 2 years
Remember Utakata? xaioque 2 years
Naruto 572 - Naruto the Old Rikudou Valdy 2 years
Naruto 572 / Naruto the Old Rikudou Valdy 2 years
Kunoichi portrayed as weak. Quajo 2 years
Rinnegan vs Sharingan jolas 2 years
ninja battles c1yd3fr0g 2 years

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