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Memories of a demon
:set during the chunnin exam final<br />
<br />
chp 1<br />
<br />
Naruto couldn&#039;t believe what was going on, only a short while ago he had beat neji in his first fight of the chunnin exam finals and witnessed with awe sasuke use the chidori to stab garra it was a move he had been bugging kakashi, to teach him it for months since he used it in wave on zabuza.<br />
Zabuza... he &amp; haku would be people he wouldnt forget for a long time. <br />
flashback<br />
His way of the ninja beliefs had changed today he had witnessed zabuza charge at the hired thugs of gato, with just a kunai in his mouth already heavily injured from the chidori. <br />
<br />
A week later we were going to leave in few hours for home. I had decided to visit the graves of zabuza &amp; haku naruto himself had built since his sensei &amp; teamates didn\&#039;t seem to care. I stare at the blade at the foot of the grave. The sword itself was longer than my body &amp; was curved at the end of the blade kind of like a guilatine. I continue to stare at the blade mesmorised by it slowly my hand inches toward the hilt, I slowly grasp it and with a large heave pull it out of the ground requiring both hands. I could barely lift it so i quickly seal it in a scroll i had brought with me, quickly thanking kakashi for teaching him sealing in his freetime. I needed to gain more muscle to be able to use it one handed like zabuza did i had practicly memorized his style from his first fight and thought he could recreate it from his memories but first he needed the muscle. <br />
Even though i knew it was wrong to take the blade he felt a calling a need for the blade usually his gut wasnt wrong it saved him from many beatings in the past how could he not trust it now. I quickly left the grave paying my respect to both so i could return to konoha and train with his new sword and use it as a trump card and To honor zabuza\&#039;s memory i would use this sword only when he had to kill an enemy and not in sparing the sword was made to kill keeping it in the scroll till it was needed. <br />
flashback end<br />
These thoughts quickly vanish as<br />
I stare all round me just now during sasukes fight hoards of sand &amp; sound ninja had invaded the stadium and were killing any konoha ninja in sight, the crowd had already been knocked out by a grand scale sleeping genjutsu.<br />
I realise quickly that we are loosing shinobi quickly in large amounts, i quickly notice shikamaru next to me standing stock still in shock, obvoiusly he had expected to be aloud to sleep now since he had forfitted his fight, (oh the irony).<br />
\&quot;We have to regroup with the others\&quot; i quickly suggest to shikamaru, i was expecting a sigh and a\&quot;troublesome\&quot; since he always seem to say it, that was the responce i recieved and moved around in the stands avoiding the fights to regroup with the other rookies , team gai and the senseis.

by daniel.lorenzo
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 298
Property: Naruto