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naruto and Sakuras love pt.14 Willl he accept?
Tsunade:Kid you might be the new Hokage ... but your still just a-<br />
Naruto:No im not!Im not a kid anymore!!but im still just a teen,so?Dad became hokage at 21!<br />
Tsunade:And ended at 28!Listen Naruto,i dont want you to end up like your father!!(WHAT YOU TALKIN BOUT OLD LADY IM ONLY 32!!!!(10)suniva-stop f***king doing that)You cannot be risked!Your the best ninja in the world!!You will create peace!Atleast not until your 21!(F**k that im time skipping suniva-STOP EFFIN DOIN THAT!!!)<br />
Me:No Tsunade... 18!!!<br />
Naruto:Dad...Thank you!!!!<br />
Me:Being Hokage isnt easy though!<br />
Naruto:Dad..I KNOW ALREADY!!THE OLD MAN EXPLAINED THAT SH*T TO ME!Narutos phne rings...its Sakura..(FINALLY NARUSAKU!!!)<br />
Naruto:Yes Sakura-chan?<br />
Sakura:Naruto-kun...im-<br />
Naruto:Pregnant!?!?<br />
Sakura:NO YOU BAKA!Im on my period...so yea..<br />
Naruto:Uhh you couldve told me that at home..and its ok idc.<br />
Narutos mind:My dick will be stiff for a week...oh well..ill get boners and ill be fine..Naruto goes home when me and Tsunade talk and we go out for sake..you can guess what happened(She got drunk and asked me if i wanted to touch her tits!XDI wasnt sober to...so i said yes...and got laid!but then I slapped her and ran like hell!)To Naruto and Sakura :D!<br />
Naruto:So Sakura...abut your period..?<br />
Sakura:Oh you idiot im only 17!i dont get periods!<br />
Slim Shady:Dammmnnnnn boyy!!Youu just got dissseddd!!!<br />
<br />
<br />

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 813
Property: Naruto