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the way naruto ends pt 1
with naruto finally mastered taming the nine tale fox there is only one thing that he needs to do.to save sasuke.but before he can do anything killer bee senses his sword about to vibrate.suddenly kisame comes out the sword.he says that he has a very inportant message.he has gain leadership over akutsaki and decides to parter with madara,sasuke and kabuto.then he dissapers.so with the new power he has he forces the nine tails to sniff out the akutsaki lair and he does.when he gets there he sees the the team.he goes for an attack but killer bee stops him.back at the leaf village sasuke is seen going through the gates.the highly skilled anbu report to tsunade about it.she says that the only thing that we need to stop sasuke is ............. naruto.tsundae says to hold off your attack until he shows physice vandilism.mean while they sense sasuke is at his destantation so they teleport to the leaf and all 5 stand at the gates.meanwhile naruto is on the run to the leaf village until he is stopped by a certain spirit......to be continued in the way naruto ends pt2

by cadarian11
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 922
Property: Naruto