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Sakura: The Road to Being The Greatest Medical Ninja~part 1 chapter 2
~2~<br />
<br />
With the reply of yes, i was both siked but worried. i was truly happy for i would finally be of help on the next misson. but sadly, the next mission would not involve Naruto being on it. i was devastated that Naruto would be leaving with Master Jiraiya to train for who knows how long. it just meant that i had to train even harder to catch up with him. <br />
<br />
before i could meet up with Naruto at his house, i was called by the hokage. i rushed back to the building thinking that i was probably appointed a special mission since she said it was urgent. however, as i entered her office i was wrong. it seemed that my training would start right away. i had to admit that i was really happy but as i was hearing the instructions on how to get the healing chakre, a part of me was thinking how guilty i was because Naruto was leaving at this exact moment.

by sockie
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 747
Property: Naruto