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A flaming story part 2
As the trees cleared,Naruto could see a very pretty girl dancing and singing in the waterfall,she looked familiar but he couldn&#039;t recognize her as Hinata.He tried to get closer but he tripped and fell in the water.The girl(Hinata) was startled,she turned and saw Naruto and quickly ran into the forest.Naruto called out to her but she was sooo shy she couldn&#039;t turn back.<br />
<br />
Hinata ran all the way back to the village where she told Neji all that had happened.Neji was enraged,&quot;How dare Naruto peep at the pride of Hyuuga&quot;he raged.Hinata made him promise not to hurt Naruto.Neji gave his word.<br />
<br />
Now you all know Neji,he&#039;s not the kind of guy to let something like this go unpunished.In the time it took that crazy bird to say&quot;Naruto no baka(Naruto you idiot)&quot;Neji had found,confronted,Rokkujyuu-yonshou-ed,hanged Naruto upside down and covered him with explosion tags.<br />
<br />
To be continued...

by LegendaryLordVega
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 668
Property: Naruto