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naruto's death
Story teller: One day as Hinata Hyuuga was fighting Neji Hyuuga .......<br />
Naruto:Go Hinata kick his ass.<br />
Hinata (in her mind):thank you naruto<br />
(neji tried to hit Hinata in the chest but blocked by Hinata and hits Neji in the stomach)<br />
Neji:Crap.<br />
Naruto:Keep it up Hinata.<br />
(Hinata looks at naruto while Neji is preparing his 8 triagrams and 128 palms)<br />
Naruto:Hinata look out!!!<br />
(Hinata gets hit by Neji&#039;s attack the she pukes blood)<br />
Naruto:Hinata!!!!<br />
(Sakura hits Naruto in the head)<br />
Naruto:Shit what was that for.<br />
Sakura:I&#039;ll hit you again if you distract her again with your words<br />
Hinata:Its....ok....ay.....Sa..kur...a<br />
(Hinata charges to Neji then Neji hits her stomach then Hinata falls down then Neji gets a knife and tried to stab Hinata)<br />
Hinata (talking in her mind an closes her eyes):Well this is it I am finished I am sorry Naruto.<br />
(After seconds Hinata thinks why is she not dead and opens her eyes an sees Naruto on top of her bleeding and notices Baruto got stabbed by the knife instead of herself then hugs Naruto and then faints)<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
The end <br />
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by Ryen13Dizon
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 947
Property: Naruto