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A flaming story part 4
It was already morning and Naruto was thinking of exploring the forest when Neji walked up to him.&quot;Don&#039;t leave the village&quot;Neji said.&quot;Why not?&quot;Naruto asked.At that moment Sakura joined them.&quot;We heard what you did you pervert!&quot;Sakura scolded.<br />
&quot;What did you just call me?&quot;Naruto said a little hurt.&quot;You guys...why are you doing this?Is it because I&#039;m a Jinchuuriki?&quot;Naruto said angrily.<br />
<br />
He didn&#039;t want to face his friends so he ran into the forest.Angry thoughts filled his mind.<br />
<br />
Meanwhile,Uchiha Madara,Sasuke and the remaining Akatsuki invaded Butmajabu village.They burnt the village to the ground and caused a few casualties.Hinata was injured almost fatally but just to insult Naruto,they didn&#039;t kill his teammates.They were actually saying&quot;You guys are too weak to be killed by us,we only want the Jinchuuriki&quot;and they were right.Neji and co were no match.<br />
<br />
Naruto returned to the village but they had already left.He was shocked to see the village in such a state.<br />
<br />
To be continued...

by LegendaryLordVega
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 701
Property: Naruto