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Sakura: The Road to Being The Greatest Medical Ninja~part 1 chapter 3
Training was hard. Not only did I have to learn medical ninjustu, but i also had to learn how to dodge an enemy effciently and how to defend myself. I thought that it wouldn't be that hard considering that medical ninjustu did not consider being bruised everyday. Learning to doge an enemy was hard. I couldn't learn from a book, but i had to learn from Lady Tsunade herself...which was a pain. Training with her at the field, i thought that it would be just be a lesson.. not an actual hands on experience. with Tsunade's strength and quickness, i was no match. i would be brokened boned by the time we were done, but still, i was determined to go on. after a couple of weeks, i started to get the hand of it, and slowly i started to become an actual shinobi. a real one. i was no longer dead weight. or so i thought. it was one week when i was sechuled for a misson alongside Kiba and Hinata to go to the Land of Water to accompy a famous arctichet in which i found that i was nothing of real importance. we had to face some enemys, of course in which some of my ninjustu was of help but then, as was healing Kiba, did the arictect tell for us to run. but it was too late. by the time i was able to look up, he was dead. a pool of blood around him. the architect was dead. our mission failed. the enemy ran away. i was of no help again. dead wieght. it was then that my eyes faded into darkness. Naruto, was all i thought as i plummted to the ground. i have failed you.

i was not dead. but i did feel an emptiness has i opened my eyes to see a face. it was Kakashi, who then closed his book and looked at me. 'awake i see'. was what he said before i was in a sitting postion. 'how long have i been here', i asked as the sun spilled through the window. 'about a week i think' he replied obviously hiding his impatience. 'why--'
'Stop.' he said before i was able to continue. 'just stop for a moment'. i have something to tell you. he looked like he was in distress. what is so important to make Kakashi this worried. i stred intently at him waiting. he seemed to notice because it was then that he spoke in an even vice, "naruto won't be back. it turns out he'll be training for the next 2 years." 2 years. wow. i thought that he would be back in a week. wow. i turned my gaze toward the daffodils, that were wrinkled to a shrill brown. ' well then, i guess that means i can train more' i said in a slightly shakened tone. ' i guess' he said before putting on his lazy expersion. as he walked toward the door something unexpected happened. the door bashed opened taking kakashi against the wall. there stood lady Tsunade, her face plastered red with anger.

by sockie
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 808
Property: Naruto