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Ninja stats of Mist ninja-Red Mist Chronicles
Mist Team- Masuru Kuzu Akira
Nin 3 2.5 3
Tai 2.5 3 2
Gen 1 1 2
Intelligence 3 2 2.5
Stength 2 3 1.5
Speed 2.5 2 2
Stamina 3 2 2.5
Hand seals 2 2 1
=19 =17.5 =16.5
Overall a highly capable team. Masuru acts as the leader his attacks revolve around water based ninjutsu and he is proficient in taijutsu as well. Masuru is only a genin and is called a genius being taught by the current Mizukage. Masuru attacks include:

Water style-Water stream blast-In which he launches water at high pressure at a target from his mouth
Water Clone
Mist cloud hurt-A jutsu that forms a mist from a nearby water source, the mist is thick but Masuru can sense any chakra within it

Kuzu is a genin and already is aspiring to be a member of the 7 Swordsman of the Mist. Kazu is descibed as the gentle giant standing at 6'2 at only 14. Kazu fights mainly using kenjutsu with his sword he can channel his chakra to extend its reach and cutting power. The sword weighs him down cosiderably because of its size. Ryuu is also proficient in taijutsu and capable in some ninjutsu. His jutsu include:

Chakra slam:Kazu builds chakra in his sword and slams it down on an enemy
Silent Homicide Technique
Chakra Blast:By simply swinging his swords Kazu unleases a crescent shaped blast of chakra

Akira is a Mist kunoichi who was once trained to be a geisha but at an early age discovered a her talent for the ninja arts. She is usually quiet barely voicing her opinion. She likes her team mate Kazu. In battle Akira is fierce and she uses many trap oriented jutsu to target enemy:

Ninja Art:Kunai Rain-Akira uses her the clone techinique to turn one thrown kunai into many. She can also tie paper bombs to make the attack more deadly
Ninja Art:Trap Fields-Akira uses string to bind an opponent and sends her chakra through it to disrupt her opponets chakra flow
Water clone
Akira Combustion blossoms-Akira infuses her water clone with paper bombs and after they surround the target they explode causing a rush of water to crash down on the enemy
Water style:Water wall

This is the strongest Genin team in the Mist Village they have set out to discover the truth about their missing Sensei. Their journey begins...

by raikage25
Written: 4 years ago
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