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Red Mist 1
Masuru felt a sense of releif as he set by the river side. The grass green and wet and the mist thick as always Masuru was not bothered by the dew that set on top of the grass. He wasa used to it the Kirigakure has always been his home. He'd died protecting it and his ninja headband was a testiment to that fact. Just then Masuru was disturbed by the arrival of two people both he had known. They were Kazu and Akira his team mates and best friends. "What's up? You know I like my quiet, so is it another mission?" Masuru said as he began to stand.

Akira eyes where red, she had been crying, Kazu stood close to her no expression on his face. "What's wrong!?" Masuru was trying to read the faces of his friends. With a burst of sadness Akira screamed, "Sensei is dead! That mission was assigned he was killed!" Masuru felt sick his mind went blank. "..." Kazu said nothing he acted calm and collected as always. "Was his body retreived?" Masuru asked. "Yes. They discovered it today. ANBU brought his corspe back. It's defitnitely him Kazu and I double checked." Masuru shook his head, "It can't be! He was supposed to see us become Chuunin, examines start in a week. He was supposed to see us become splendid ninja like we talked about."
*In the Examiners Room
"Masuru..." Akira stood by Masuru as he lookes over their dead sensei. She leaned her head on his shoulder and took his arm. "This isn't your sensei." Said the examiner. "What!" The entire team gasped. "But he's right here! Don't be a fool!" Kazu got angry something he rarely did. "You genin got a lot to learn, this is a corpse a jutsu is on it making it seem like your sensei." Akira let go of Masuru and leaned closer to the corspe in question. "I don't see anything." The examiner sneered, "I been doing this long enough! Look closer and you'll see a seal on the back of his neck. It's small but it should be there. I know by the make up it's a type of clone jutsu varient. But it's strong even I can't break it. It's strange how the ANBU overlooked it. I need you to tell the ANBU who brought this body here." The exmaminer handed Masuru a scroll.

It wasn't clear to the young Genin what was happening but little do they know a mission that would turn their world upside was slowly beggining to form.

by raikage25
Written: 4 years ago
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