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ItaKaru-When I Die
Itachi. You left me so long ago, while our children were young. I raised them on my own, the world seemed so small, they were all that mattered. I prayed for your soul every day, I made a holiday out of your birthday, our aniversary, and your death.

Itachi. I saw our grandchildren be born. I watched as they grew, and then I saw the birth of our great-grandchildren. I told them stories of you, and I, and adventures of you and Sasuke, me and Haku.

Itachi. The world went on when you died. But I did not, I held onto your legacy, your memory. Your soul was watched over, I made sure of it.

Itachi. Did you see my brother? My brother, who had died many years before you, a gun to his heart. Did you converse over many things you had in common. Did you discuss things you disagree on? Did you talk about me?

Itachi. Did you see your father and mother? Did you see mine? Did you have a big family dinner, with seats left for future generations.

Itachi. Did you protect your brother? Did you protect your neices and nephew? Did you protect his wife, Sakura? Was the family well watched over?

Itachi. Did you see your son, Obito, graduate? Did you see yourself in his eyes? I did, Itachi. He looks exactly like you, Itachi. His children remind me of you, as well.

Itachi. Did you watch over Kitsume, as well? With all of the trouble she had, did you make sure she was safe? Did you make sure that she was safe when she disapeared for weeks? Was her Daddy watching her, Itachi? Were you being a good dad and watching her?

Itachi. In my old age, I lay down tonight hoping my time has come. My bones are weak and my mind is strong. I am a peaceful old woman, surviving on my own. I miss my husband, I miss you. Tonight, if I die, perhaps I will become young again, and we can lay together again in the night, like we did once before.

Itachi. When I die, I will rush into your arms. When I die, be at the pearl gates for me, with my brother at your side. Our parents waiting for us in a small estate where we can all bicker and be a family.

Itachi. I love you.

~Karuakue Hatake-Uchiha

by Lolz91
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 711
Property: Naruto