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Tension pt 4 Cousins
Sakura: Naruto? *she says as she knock on the door* You there?
Naruto: … Sakura…? *He says when he opens the door* What do you need?
Sakura: Tsunade wants to see you… It’s important… Will you come please?
*Naruto thinks for a moment*
Naruto: I’ll be there in a moment, you go ahead…
Sakura: Naruto you need to talk to someone…
Naruto: Everything is fine I’m just going over what mom told me and what dad had said… I’m perfectly ok! *he says with a grin* I’m fine Sakura, really!
Sakura: … Ohkay… But please come, it’s very important! Might actually cheer you up! Bye *disappears before he can react*
Naruto: Wait, what…?
~In Tsunade’s office~
Tsunade: Sakura? Is he going to come?
Sakura: Yes, in a little while…
Tsunade: Ok, thank you. *She turns to Kiya* My, how you look like Sasuke… Hair’s a little lighter with a tint of red… And your eyes are a dark blue… I’m going to say it now… when Naruto get here please forgive him for whatever happens…
Kiya: It’s ok, I’m sure he doesn’t mean too… but I’ll take what he gives.
*There’s a knock at the door*
Naruto: May I come in Tsunade?
Tsunade: Yes, come in.
*Kiya turns when the door opens as Naruto stops dead in the doorway*
Naruto: *Naruto stands for a moment glaring* Sasuke? …No you’re not him… *turns to Tsunade glaring* Who is this? Why did you bring him here?
Kakashi: Naruto calm down… And listen to what Tsunade says.
Tsunade: Naruto, you grew up 16 years without one single family member… But this is your cousin…
Naruto: Wha… What? *he turns to Kiya* You’re… My cousin…?
Kiya: Yes, my mother was your aunt, Kushina’s younger sister.
Naruto: Then why do you look like an Uchiha?
Kiya: My father was an Uchiha… I know not who he was… He died before I knew him, and my mother never spoke of him…
Naruto: So you’re Sasuke’s cousin too?
Kiya: Yes…
Tsunade: … Well I hate to break this moment,*turns to Kiya* but we need to get you registered as a Leaf ninja and assigned to Kakashi’s team.
Kiya: Thank you Lady Hokage
Sakura: But Team Kakashi already has me, Sai, Naruto and Yamato. That’s 6 people on one team.
Kakashi: Don’t worry me and Yamato are both jonin so it’s ok. It’s like 2 teams on one mission, “team Kakashi,” with you and Naruto and “team Yamato,” with Sai and Kiya. And our missions are chunin and jonin level so it’s more people anyways.
Tsunade: Teams Kakashi, and Yamato, as soon as Kiya is registered, go train and get some battle strategies. You are going to be doing some big battles soon to bring Sasuke back.
Naruto: Yeah! Let’s go!
Tsunade: Oh and by the way, Naruto and Kiya, you both will be chunin by the end of the day. Don’t worry about the exams or anything me and Shizune will handle it.

To be Continued in Tension the Teams

by treekid
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 675
Property: Naruto