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Chapter one: Sweet Dream, Deidera

Deidera was on his bed, his long blond hair over his face. He was still asleep, happily dreaming about Pein's sister. Today, he was finally going to meet her. He smiled in his sleep, and pictured a beautiful girl with long flowing orange hair, and bangs across her for head with round purple eyes, and a beautiful body walking gracefully towards him with a sweet voice calling his name.

"Deidera, Deidera", she called.

"Yes, beautiful," he said as he extended his arm to her. "Come her babe," he said as seductively as he could.


Deidera let out a loud scream before opening his eyes to see Itachi, standing on the side of his bed, his face with an annoyed and scared look. Deidera looked down, and saw his hands on Itachi's waist. He then looked up sheepishly at Itachi's face, before quickly removing his hands from his waist. He slowly got out of his bed, opposite of where his partner was, afraid of being hit with a genjustsu. He headed to the bathroom, as Itachi ill fully left the room grumbling under his breath, and looked at him at the long mirror. He brushed hi teeth, making them shine and washed his face before stripping down and heading to the shower. As the water rained down on his hair, he smiled, thinking of the exciting day ahead of him. After his shower, he stepped out with a good feeling of today, before frowning. He forgot his towel... again. He grumbled, as he walked out of the room naked, knowing no one would enter his room. He looked up as he stepped out of the room to see a girl. A beautiful girl with long purple hair, and bangs that covered her forehead. She had the most beautiful purple eyes. She was reading a manga, and was on his bed, before turning around her eyes in wide shock. She then screamed. Very loud. Deidera, who was in shock of her beauty, kept staring at her, walking closer and closer to her, before looking at the door which had opened with a long bang. Pein stood there, his face plastered with anger, as he looked from Deidera to the beautiful girl who happened to be his sister.

"Put some clothes on. perv." said pein. And with that, Deidera was pushed back into the washroom, painfully, by Pein's jutsu.

Deidera grudgingly stood up, sears of pain running through his body. "that stunning girl must have been Pein's sister" he thought, as he slowly put his pants on. He looked in the mirror and saw his face, a stream of hot blood coming down. He turned his head to see part of his back that had been severely scraped by the tiled wall. He ached all over, wanting desperately, some medical help. Knowing he couldn't get any, yet, he bent down and retrieved his shirt but dropped it as the door opened to see a figure standing there. It came closer and closer, and soon he realized it was only Itachi, not the mysterious girl he thought it would be. Deidera reached for his shirt again, and was about to put it on, when Itachi stopped him and motioned him on the ground, a lazy expression on his face.

“Causing so much trouble as usual," he said before he too, knelt to the ground and took his hands out to perform medical jutsu.

"Well it's not MY fault! I walked out thinking there was no one--" Deidera managed to say, his red face hot with anger. Itachi grew a smirk on his face letting out a teasing laugh. "WHAT!?" Deidera yelled, angry at Itachi for always making him feel like a weakling.

"Look at you. I've insulted you many times in the past, and you never got angry at all. But today, when the incident involved Pein's sister, you turned tomato red with anger," he lazily said, still holding his smirk. "I never would have thought that little Deidera would fall in love.."With that Deidera shoved Itachi away and got his shirt on, and headed out the door, annoyed at Itachi for thinking such an absurd idea. It was obvious he wasn't in love. He just couldn't. Not after the incident from when he was 13. He laughed thinking of Itachi's foolish idea before getting his cloak on and heading downstairs to face Pein's wrath.

Downstairs, and through the kitchen was where the Akatsuki members were. Deidera slowly walked in and grabbed the nearest apple, giving in a big loud crunch. Pein was still not here which was good for Deidera as he still had time to not face his wrath. Kisame turned around and gave his notorious smirk and laughed, causing the persent members to turn around. Zetsu walked away, knowing that tension was buliding amongst Deidera. Diedera counitnued to bite into his apple and decided to walk away, before anyone could tease him. As he quickly made his way to the doorway, kisame let out a shout:

"SWEET DREAM, DEIDERA!", and countinued to laugh with the others. Deidera had had enough. he took some clay out and shaped it inot a bird, and slowly turned around, a furious look on his face.

"TAKE THIS, YEAH! YOU BITCH!" , and with that he threw the bird, and gave a big laugh. as the bird flew through the air, Pein walked in with his sister, gave his jutsu, domloshing the bird and sending Deidera to the wall. His sister let out a small scream, before running to Deidera, but was soon stopped by Itachi who had made his way downstaris quietly, and into the living room.

"You better stay away from that kid," he said lazily before bringing her back to Pein's side. Deidera looked up, but before he could say anything, Konan picked him up and motioned him to the table, where he sat. Pein made everyone sit, and gave Deidera a disgusted look before starting the meeting.

by sockie
Written: 3 years ago
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