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A Flamin' Story part 6
Meanwhile,in Butmajabu village,Hinata had regained consciousness. "How are you feeling?"Sakura asked. "My chest hurts a little but I'll be fine,thanks"Hinata replied. "You've woken up"Neji said. Hinata tried to sit up but she winced in pain and collapsed back unto the bed.
"H-Hey,don't over-exert yourself"Sakura said. Hinata looked around and noticed Naruto's absence."Wh-where's Naruto?"she asked. Neji remained silent. He didn't know what to say. "Naruto left the village on the day of the attack and hasn't returned since"Sakura said.
"He might already be dead by now,"Neji said. "I see..."Hinata said turning away. "Please leave me alone," she said. "What?"Neji asked in surprise. "Please"Hinata said. Sakura and Neji left. Hinata burst into tears. "Naruto...Naruto..."she wept.

Meanwhile,Naruto had been found by a girl called Saori who was a member of a Thieves guild. The thieves were hailed as heroes of their village which was being terrorized by Zetsu of the Akatsuki.
Saori had seen Naruto fight and she knew he was an enemy of the Akatsuki and probably the only one who could stop them.

As she sat in the infirmary watching the unconscious Naruto,he began to stir, then he sat up. "Where am I?"Naruto asked. "You're in the Thieves Guild outside Esselnotunahyew village.Who are you by the way?"Saori asked.
"I...I don't remember..."Naruto answered.

To... Be... Continued...

by LegendaryLordVega
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 590
Property: Naruto