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Narutos and Sakuras love part 5:Seriously-_-HIM?!?!
last time we were with narusaku,and saw them talking,and Narutos brother is..
Gaara:Naruto,Sakura,cmon in guys!!i got a 83 inch flatscreen!!
Naruto:O_Oepicc...can we watch...hmm...Green hornet??(THEY PROBALLY SPONSORED HIM-dude...STFU!)
Saku:ohhh i wanna see it!
Gaara:sure,i dont mind.
Kanku:Gaara,wheres my porn?!?!
narusaku:w...t...f-punching Kankuro in the face(both)-
Gaara:HAHAHAHA!nice one you two!-he puts the disk in-
-they watch the movie,as they went out of the hokage stone faces,(fourth Hokage nose)and jump to the hokage mansion-
Tsunade:NARUTOOO!oh,there you are!i have greatt NEWS!!
naru:-_-you got more Sake??
Tsunade:NO!?!?and yes ^^,but thats not it,Your going to be...THE NEXT HOKAGE,when ur 18...It was decided,a couple minutes ago!--

Guys ima do the next one >.<,so,THX FOR READING,OR WATCHING,OR WHATEVER THE F@$$ u did >.<

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,054
Property: Naruto