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Naruto and Sakuras love part 6:Narutos 18th birthday!!
I know i just want him to be hokage xD
Sakura:-sneaks out of bed quitely,trying not to wake him up-
(Sakura....did you sleep with naruto-STFU FOR GOS SAKE!sorry-_-)
Me:Naruto-kun,are you home?
Sakura:Hi Minato-san ^^
Me:hi sakura,is Naruto still sleeping?
Sakura:Ya,but if your here to help me with the party.=,can you invite Kushina-san to?
Naruto:-yawning-Dad?Hows it been dad!i havent seen you in ages!!
Sakura:HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO-KUN!!!-running over to him,kissing him-
Naruto:Thanks Sakura-chan ^^
Kushina:Happy birthday Naruto-kun ^^
Me:Naruto,i got u a special present!!
Naruto:Is it.....that..
Minato:Yup,its "that"
Sakura/Kushina:o_O What?
Me:-gives my kunai to naruto-
Naruto:Dad,are you suree?
Me:Well f@^! duh im sure -_-
Naruto:Haha,ok then ill try it out-throwing kunai upwards towards hokage mansion,and appearing on window-
Me:-shouting-DO YOU LIKE IT?!
Naruto:-tapping on glass seeing Tsunade,and Shikamaru
Tsunade:WHAT THE-
Shikamaru:fudge o-o
Tsunade:...Ya....that >.<,Naruto get the f@#k in here!!
Naruto:Trying,-breaks glass,and walks in-
Tsunade:Well,good thing your hokage now,cuz i don't gotta pay for that xD
Naruto:Oh right!!I forgot about that!
Me:Hey Naruto.
Naruto:Dad,where the hell did you come from!?
Me:....time-space,learned how to do it without the kunai xD

This is to long,so CLIFFHANGER!!

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 624
Property: Naruto