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Naruto and Sakuras love part 6:Naruto means peace,and the Summer mansion
Naruto:I will make peace of this Ninja world.With my friends beside me,I will make peace!I promise!!
Sakura:Naruto-kun,You will..You dont break your promise..
Naruto:Thanks Sakura-chan ^^
Me:Naruto...we have faith in you..
Kushina:We always have Minato-kun,And always will.Sakura-san,Take care of my boy,Hes like his father-
Sakura:Haha,ok Kushina-san,ill try my best,but,hes capable of doing things himself.
Sakura:He never gave up,and never will!Thats one of the reasons i love him.
Naruto:Ok,Dad,were all goin to the summer-
Tsunade:Ok,ill do your paperwork,just be back before i whoop you!
Naruto:Yes maam 0_0
Sakura:-Dragging him out,seeing the gang-Hi guys!
Everyone:hi Sakura!
Naruto:were goin to the summer house guys!
Everyone:The one near that beach that noone knows about?
Naruto:yup!btw,I own that beach xD


by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 621
Property: Naruto