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Naruto and Sakuras love part 7:WHY IS THIS SUMMERHOUSE SO BIG O-O
they are all in the lounge,where theres a 186 flatscreen,and they watch "Hot Fuzz",and then all of them get there rooms,and Naruto goes back to the Hokage Mansion.
Tsunade:just on time kiddo
Naruto:wheres the work..
Tsunade:Theres not to much,its almost ALL finished...Alot less then what i had -_-
Naruto:well...i am a kid still,soo ya...
Naruto:I also saved the village countless times...
Tsunade:6 times..
Naruto:wow,you were counting?!
Tsunade:oh whatever...Just finish the rest,theres like 89 pieces left.
Naruto:to stamp..right?!
Naruto:OK!!This is gonna be a pain...-he makes 88 shadow clones-
Tsunade:why didnt i think of that?
Naruto:-reads all,and stamps,the clones dissapear-
Naruto:ok,im good.-throws kunai back to Summer house,and appears in arcade-hm..Gaara isnt even here...neither is kiba..Weird.-hears footsteps-someones here...
Kisame:Why hello there kyuubi brat...
Naruto:gtho..or die fishhead!
Kisame:HAHA!you in what-
Naruto:army?THIS ONE!!-100 clones appear with rasengans,attacking kisame blowing him up-hmph...
Kisame:B-but h-how....
Naruto:I have the will of fire..That never leaves,and I have friends to care for..unlike you Akatsuki scum!!


by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 474
Property: Naruto