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Naruto and Sakuras love part 9:The Will of Fire burns in ALL of us!
Naruto went back into the village,taking a night walk(song lonliness goes well with this)
Naruto:-sees robber stealing out of a store,he rushed over to stop him,and saw that it was his long-lost brother,shokimo-
Naruto:Why are you robbing this store?!
Shokimo:H-hokage-sama...Im sorry,I-I need money for food and shel-lter..
Naruto:-sighs-Well,give it back and,ill give you the money for this.
Shokimo:thank you hokage-sama...
Naruto:no prob ^^
Shokimo:Hokage-sama,i need something to tell you..im your brother.
shokimo:ya...mom and dad kicked me out at 8 years old(NO I DIDNT!-)
Shokimo:well,mostly mom..
Naruto:well,you can live with me and my friends!!
Shokimo:Thanks brother..Do you think I can have the will of fire?
Naruto:heh heh..Nii-chan..The will of fire is inheritted,or gained,you have to be gutsy..like me,and dad,an Jiraiya sensei...You want it,you have to carry it on.You can also have your own.You must find it though.My will of fire,is to bring peace about.
Shokimo:oh...well,nii-chan,Thanks.Im surprised i didnt realize this yet.My will of fire...To protect my loved ones,and my friends.
Naruto:That was another will of fire everyone carries..its your main now,so,Do your best.-Them walking back to th summer house-


by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 504
Property: Naruto