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Naruto and Sakuras love part 3:Back to the mist,and back to Suna!
Naruto arrived at the mist village,and saw inari
Naruto:INARI!!Hi Inari!How are you?!
Inari:im great!!im a carpenter like Tazuna!Anyways,why are you here??
Inari:oh,whats it for?
Naruto:delivery for the bridge.
Inari:Oh,cool!!Can i help?
Naruto:sure-walking towards the bridge-
they deliver it,and Naruto stays with them over the night
Tazuna:Hi there Naruto!
Naruto:Hi Tazuna
after,in the morning naruto packs his things,and he goes to suna,and sees Sakura with the same package-
Sakura:Naruto-kun?How come your here?
Naruto:im here to see gaara,and you?
Naruto:o-o,i just had the same mission...
Sakura:where?the mist?
Naruto:yup.So,whattya thinks in the-
Temari:Its something for each kage,produced in the hidden leaf.
Temari:Well,since the leaf has alot of population,it could be produced with more products for more jobs,so they produce gold there,and its gold bars.Un-heavy 6 gold bars to each kage,for the village.
Kankuro:ill be taking that inside!!
Naruto:give this to Gaara,its importantt-hands movie over to kankuro-
Naruto:we will be back a lil later,cya guys ^^
Tema/kanku:Bye you 2!!
Naruto and Sakura walk back to the village
Sakura:what did ya mean WE will be back later?
Naruto:welll....were goin back to Gaaras,for movie.
Sakura:O_O,new one?WHITCHH ONEE!
Naruto:youll see xD
Sakura:V_V,ok well,ill cya later naruto-kun!
Naruto:ok,bye Sakura-chan!
Me:-watching Naruto from Sasuke's old house,on top of roof-hmm.ill go say hi!
Naruto:-walks in door,and lays on couch,watching tv,and eating doritos-
Me:-knocks on door-
Naruto:COME INN!
Me:Hi Naruto-kun,how are you?
Naruto:Hi,do i know you,oh,you look alot like me..Are you my..?
Me:yup-punched in stomach-oww
Naruto:w-why did you leave me like that(song:alone)
Me:I couldnt let you be like the others...Lonliness made you stronger,correct?
Naruto:-crying a lil-Y-yes...But,thanks for telling me now,You look familiar for some reason..
Me:Im the 4th hokage Naruto-kun.
Later they bond,and they tell eachother stories,and then Naruto meets up with Sakura at the gate-

Cliffy!!So,time to go die you mofos!Go hang yourself off a cliff!!!!

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 577
Property: Naruto